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Teeny Tiny Blog

Hello. My name is Avantika Singhal. I am 17 and a student of Mahrani Gayatri Devi Girls School. Currently interning at JWB. I am a bibliophile with a special place for Thomas Hardy in my heart. I also write poems and I like staying up late at night so that when I wake up in the morning, looking like a zombie, my mother can scold me. Just kidding! But we would like to take a moment to introduce you to our blog which is wholeheartedly dedicated to the Teenagers of Jaipur where we will discuss the problems and struggles faced by teens, a project initiated by Jaipur Women Blog. The project will be a combination of research, observations and interviews (lots of them). Enjoy! We will have jovial, humorous and knowledgeable content that EVERYONE can benefit from. We will take this opportunity to know what the teens actually feel. No secrets will be concealed. Judging is strictly prohibited on this page. We want you to be yourself and no one else. So, Teens! Brace up to read, learn and enthusiastically participate. This will be a platform for teenagers to recount their experiences and share them with the world. We will wipe the usage of the quote “No one understands me.” from every teen’s mind. Share. Read. Learn. It’s all about teens by the teens. So let us all get ready for a fun learning experience that will be mutually beneficial. If you have a teen story to share, write at

  • JWB along with the brand Jewel Saga bring you a selfie contest inspired by the campaign AidToMaid.

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