Tuesday, November 28 2023, 03:20:38
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Today, everyone is very well acquainted with the acronym- M.B.A., but we here at JWB wish to offer a different meaning to it.
On the instance of International Breastfeeding Week, we bring to you a comprehensive course that our team fondly likes to call: Masters in Breastfeeding Administration. No, we are not the professors; we will not preach any of our gyaan on this sensitive topic. The professors are real life mothers and counselors who shared their experience and challenges that came along with breastfeeding. But, that is just half the story. The prime highlight is yet to come…
This campaign focuses on familiarizing you all with a noble cause that has been instated in our very own Pink City. Rajya Mahila Chikitsalaya bears the second in India and first in Jaipur, Human Milk Bank by the name Jeevandhara. Initiated three months back, this wing devotes itself to breastfeeding management which also involves donation of breast milk. Plenty of mothers come here to donate their breast milk which in turn is used to save lives of their and others’ infants.
So ladies and their gentlemen, it is time to polish your degrees for perhaps the most important episode in your lives that you will encounter as a couple: becoming parents.

  • JWB along with the brand Jewel Saga bring you a selfie contest inspired by the campaign AidToMaid.

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