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  •  November 7, 2015

Tummies are like balloons, continue shoving extra food in, and it will keep getting bigger until one day… POP! On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, our favourite Dietician Aditi Mehrotra tells us all the food mistakes we make in our daily lives but in a fun way! Diet advisor to many renowned names like Para-athelete Deepa Malik, who is also, btw, an Arjun Awardee, Aditi continues to serve to her clients’ healthy diet needs.

Aditi becomes our nutrition educator talking about how one can lose weight without being stressed! Our awesome dietition is regularly quoted for her nutritional views in Readers Digest, Femina, The Hindu etc.

Two foodie families will come together and Aditi will keep a strict check on what they put into their plates. Our team will go food shopping with them and see their monthly raashan. Yes! We are food stalkers! In the end the two families will compete against each other to create the perfect cheat meal with minimal balloon stretching!

chEATERS: sunanda & anurag

The Gitais are a working family with two children in their teenage! Well, can't call them a foodie couple, but they are trying to incorporate exercising and healthy food habits! They are the perfect modern family. Since they keep busy with work all day, they have hired a maid who cooks for them. Their idea of the exquisite dinner party is a Barbeque night on their rooftop!

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chEATERS: ruhi & karan

Karan and Ruhi Tak are a foodie couple who often forget to mark their calories! Oops! Their delightful little daughter, Hemashree, who posed for our camera frequently, is also much of a spicy food freak! They promise they’re trying to make healthy lifestyle choices, but delicious food is giving them a hard time. Vote for this wonderful couple to make them win this quirky diet competition!

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