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Teeny Tiny Talk Between Mother & Daughter at Beauty Salon

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  •  June 8, 2015


‘Teeny Tiny’ knows EVERYTHING. And by everything, we are referring to the love teens have for beauty parlors. Therefore, a talk about body image and how paramount its role is in a teenager’s life with the owner of ‘Beauty Home’, Mrs. Neelam, and her tranquil daughter, Mehak, was inevitable. Also, we wanted to check if the daughter had the same thoughts as the notorious and intelligent kids of The Palace School.

JWB’s Avantika: What made you start a parlor in the first place?

Neelam: I would like to give credit to my husband for this. I had done a beauty course before our marriage. He was the one who encouraged me to do something productive once he saw me sitting idle._MG_3073

JWB’s Avantika: Define beauty. What is a beautiful body to you?

Neelam: To me, beauty is a kind heart. Apart from this if you ask me about physical beauty, I admire Shilpa Shetty’s body a lot. Her curves are to die for._MG_3075

Mehak: I love Deepika Padukone. Her body is immaculate._MG_3272

JWB’s Avantika: Has your daughter ever been worried about her looks?

Neelam: God, yes. From past one year, she has started worrying way too much. From her puff to her shampoo, she worries about everything! I think it’s a Teenage phase._MG_3085

JWB’s Avantika: Why do you think you are SO worried about your looks?

Mehak: Friends, mainly. They influence me._MG_3135

JWB’s Avantika: How do you balance natural beauty with make up?

Neelam: To strike a balance, we make sure we are not overdoing the makeup. Therefore, we do workouts which include Surya Namaskar, and ensure that we take a healthy diet._MG_3143

JWB’s Avantika: Your favorite junk food?

Mehak: Burger and Nachos._MG_3271

You go, girl! _MG_3149

JWB’s Avantika: Are the teens of today too dependent on make up?

Neelam: I don’t think so, because these days teens have a natural beauty. _MG_3246And my daughter is not at all dependent on makeup. It’s me only who tells her to put SOME make up on._MG_3120

JWB’s Avantika: Have you ever been too conscious about your body?

Mehak: I worry about looking fat on my birthday!_MG_3154

Neelam: Whenever I go with my friends or her friends’ mothers’, I feel a little self-conscious. I guess its human tendency to do so._MG_3263 See, I am 40 years old…no 39, and feeling conscious has nothing to do with age i guess._MG_3223

JWB’s Avantika: How does your mother inspire you?_MG_3095At that, the daughter gave a blank look making everyone nervous. _MG_3110

Neelam: I do inspire you, right?_MG_3160

Mehak: Yes Mom! I love your punctuality._MG_3211

Phew, thank god! Kidding!_MG_3112

Neelam: You don’t tend to be but!

Ah. The playful banter between parents and children is most exciting to watch. _MG_3121

“Teens enter a phase in life where EVERYTHING is mesmerizing to them. They also become irresponsible during this phase.”

JWB’s Avantika: A message to all the teens of Jaipur, please._MG_3131

Neelam: Be natural. Don’t be under any kind of pressure._MG_3256

Mehak: Why fear when your mother is here?_MG_3135

We all *Aww’ed* at that. And then ‘Teeny Tiny’ came to the conclusion that body image matters to teenagers a lot. Sometimes, more than it should. Teens face so many body weight issues that it becomes necessary to be vigilant and supportive at all times! Parents, are you listening?

Photographer: Shashank K Tyagi_MG_3100

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