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Teens of the Palace School Tweet Teeny Tiny

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  •  June 3, 2015


The blue bird was the start of this interview. Confused? We held a Twitter interview at The Palace School – a dream that Princess Diya Kumari turned into reality. We had the pleasure of meeting three very adorable and interactive teens: Arsal Sheikh, Khushi Jaipuria and Esha Kothari. And I should add that these three are impressive tech savvies, more than me, actually.

“So, JWB has ONLY 2000 followers on Twitter? Hmm.”_MG_2261That made our hearts skip a beat, and we blushed. But then again, the kids seemed okay with fact that we have JUST a little more than 2000 followers!_MG_2209

Do you want to feel the irony in this situation now? These three kids were sitting in the same room, next to each other but here’s the catch._MG_2205 They were not allowed to talk. Instead, they were asked to tweet to each other. I was the moderator, of course, asking them questions about body image and weight issues and making them use the hashtag #TeenyTiny as it is , logically, the name of our campaign.

_MG_2228As the interview progressed, I found out that Khushi and I have some very common interests on and Snapchat. Teens, I tell you._MG_2194During the interview, the very mischievous Arsal asked me quizzically about why we MGD’ians are called Jijas…_MG_2291

…and let’s just say i had fun describing to him this beautiful tradition of calling your seniors “Jijas” because it translates to “big sister” in Rajput language._MG_2277

Anyway, let me show you how our Twitter-chat proceeded talking about body image, health issues, motivations, cyber bullying, etc:


_MG_2280Isha tells me that she sought motivation from her father & brother and started swimming in order to loose weight. I was curious to know if women and men behave differently on body issues._MG_2199

_MG_2248But wait for the second opinion.


Over the course of the whole interview I realized how compassionate these children are for their friends and how defensive they can get when someone calls their friends fat. _MG_2201Also I was surprised and relieved knowing that these kiddos are aware of what Cyber Bullying is! Beware stalkers, we have some smart ideas up our sleeve to handle you off!_MG_2252

_MG_2234Jokes apart, a sweet message!

After all, the blog represents every woman’s voice._MG_2303

Anyhoo, let’s see what the man of our team has to say about it.

_MG_2304Can you see the difference in the thinking pattern, by the way?

And now talking about if they are checked upon by their parents (he-he)_MG_2254


About parents these days I tell you. Sometimes my mom sends me really funny stuff on Whatsapp. But if they decide to join Snapchat now, then the time to restrict Parents from using social medial will arise. Ironic, eh? Just imagine the conversation that would go down._MG_2305

“Mom, no more Instagram from now on.”

“Dad, stop liking my old pictures on Facebook! Beware! You will be blocked.”_MG_2240

Let’s talk about specific preferences now. About body.

_MG_2245Answer these questions with the uttermost honesty, teens! I hope your answers don’t get you in trouble. Hahaha.


Guilty. And now, talking about usage of slang. Ahem._MG_2258

Do you agree?_MG_2282

All in all, this interview is too good to put in words. To interact with children of this age (my age) who are so ambitious and childish at the same time was refreshing._MG_2318 However, I wanted to highlight the reality of today’s world. I wanted to take a moment to feel the dreadful reality – of being slaves to technology._MG_2204

We sit in the same room but our noses are so deeply dug in our phones that we miss out on the fun of talking. _MG_2301Take a lesson and get yourself out there into the real world (after reading this blog of course). I know that you may be clueless as to how to explore at first, but you can read a book, cycle, talk! Do anything other than updating your Facebook status about how sad you feel. Okay? Okay._MG_2322


Photographer: Shashank K Tyagi




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