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Gynaecologist Veena Acharya on Teeny Tiny Issues of Sexuality

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  •  June 5, 2015


JWB’s ‘Teeny Tiny’ Campaign has decided to take charge of bringing a small yet effective change in this generation’s mind, which lives a somewhat confusing life. With this blog, as a teenage myself, I have determined to look at the life style teenage girls and scrutinize every aspect related to it. Therefore, a visit to a very patient and kind gynecologist, Dr. Veena Acharya took place where I talked everything about sex, gender, dating, hygiene, health, etc.

Dr. Veena is Professor, MGMCH, Jaipur, Ex-Superintendant of Mahila Chikitsalya, Ex-Prof & HOD, OB & GYN, SMS Medical College.

What is the age when a teenager is sure of gender?
Dr. Veena: Teenagers are sure in their early years like 11 and 12. As secondary sexual characters develop and they are exposed to different environments, they become sure of who they are. _MG_3475

Awareness about menses and these characters is very good in Rajasthan.

Has social media become a platform for girls to expose their bodies in a derogatory way? 
Dr. Veena: Yes, the media definitely plays a role. Also, our Indian culture does not appreciate all this. Young girls basically want to feel older. They don’t want to feel like a child anymore._MG_3481

Education and proper counseling of girls can definitely prevent and allow girls to think pragmatically and think twice before involving into activities not appropriate for their age.

What is the right age to date and to know about physical intimacy?
Dr. Veena: It varies from individual to individual. However, parents play a big part in this. They must be vigilant to their children’s activities since teenage is a very delicate age. _MG_3476
Tell me about few common health problems girls are facing these days?
Dr. Veena:  Cases of abnormal vaginal discharge and irregular menstrual cycles have been reported.

I think education is playing a significant role in making teenage girls and boys well-informed.

What is the right age to experience physical intimacy?
Dr. Veena: I don’t believe in physical relations before marriage. It’s not healthy. _MG_3482

As a part of Jaipur Women Blog, I support this statement (because I am still a teen and I don’t know ‘stuff’ yet. Kidding, to some extent, having physical relations before marriage sounds..wrong and disloyal. And if, by any chance, something goes wrong while being intimate, it’s you who has to bear the consequences (literally). However, you all may have contrasting opinions and I completely respect that! In today’s world, the teens have become so modern that the above statement may be invidious to many. But, like I said, different opinions matter and have a place to be!

Some teens claim to be bi-sexual, have they reached their optimal naturally?
Dr. Veena: No. They don’t understand it one bit. Unless and until, they go to the doctor and he/she confirms it, then it’s different. Other than that, they take it as a joke. _MG_3478
Again, as a teenager you might not agree with this point but somewhere we need to look at the other side too. Some of us may get confused with the topic of sexuality, and this is when a doctor/expert can explain to us all the gene theory behind it.

Parents should be open with their children. They should be frank with children about physical intimacy, dating and protection at the right age.

A message to all the teenagers of Jaipur?
Dr. Veena: Have access to the correct information about sex and sexuality. Don’t rely on just your friends. Be open with your parents who are your first school. And lastly, be conscious about the changes happening around you. _MG_3483

Teens, if you have not gathered useful information after reading this interview then I suggest, you think again. We are the future of tomorrow and it would only benefit us if we fish out facts that are going to help build our life.

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