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About Us

Indian Women Blog. Don’t go on to dissect the three words to figure out who we are. Yes, we’re Indian, we’re talking about the women of our country (and more), and we’re a blog. Pretty standard, right?

WRONG! Indian Women Blog is the cup of coffee you need, to get the kick out of life. It is the positive ball of fur that you can cuddle with, it’s the turbo-charger to your battery that often runs out of inspiration, it’s your Valentine’s Day card, when you start questioning self-love, in short, Indian Women Blog is the reflection you often long to see in the mirror. It’s the self-assurance you often seek, but can’t quite find.

Come, let’s bring the girl love together. You could be the saree-clad bahu, sitting by the terrace in a busy Mumbai world, sipping tea in your startup office while wondering what your kids are up to in Bangalore, you could be a woman who fell in love with another woman in Kolkata, or a woman’s soul trapped in the body of a man in Guwahati, you could even be relishing the choco-lava cakes with a cheese burst pizza in a café in Jaipur. You could be anyone.

Through creative campaigns, let’s shatter stereotypes. Let’s meet women who are like us, and yet are breaking the glass ceiling every day. Let’s emerge from our culturally rich soil, and tell every woman in the world: you are beautiful the way you are.

  • JWB along with the brand Jewel Saga bring you a selfie contest inspired by the campaign AidToMaid.

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