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Mirror Project

A land is never pure or impure, but the people. A country is neutral. It is like a mirror. The country shows millions watching in this mirror. What you see happening around in our country is what we citizens wish for & do. We are sad looking at the various ill human treatments but who conspires them? We, the humans! With ‘Mirror’ Project, Jaipur Women Blog wants to ignite a powerful self-realization in our readers’ minds and inspire the responsibility for our own life. So, what reflection do you see in this big Mirror of Our Country – a harassed woman with fear & low confidence or a woman standing tall for self and counterparts?


12 thoughts on “Mirror Project

  1.'Manisha Yadav

    Hi, That’s a great initiative again by Jaipur Women Blog’s Team. Well, according to me I see a very brave woman in my country’s Mirror Reflection. Though earlier she was somewhere dull and weak but today she has wiped off that feeling and have come out in bright colors of a Confidant Woman. She is evolving daily and looking prettier every passing day 🙂

  2.'Anamika Sharma

    I see a woman who is – determined to be happy. So what if she is facing so many turmoils. She is a star. she has always been a fighter and she will keep on battling for her happiness.

  3.'Megha Srivastava

    Hello! In India’s Mirror reflection I see a woman who is suppressed. She is fearing something…may be her man, society, rituals…something.

  4.'Preeti Mandal

    Hi, i am a housewife and have been a regular reader of this blog. Amazing work, must say.
    In my Country’s mirror reflection, i see a seeking woman. She always seek to learn new thinks, she is learning to be brave and to pass on the same spirit. She seeks strength, education, safety and love. And, I am one of these women. 🙂

  5.'Vipasha Singh

    ‘A woman with low self-esteem’ – is what i see in my country’s Mirror. Blunt but truth. Why is she still taking time to stand for herself? I want to see a Woman standing tall for herself, her soul and for her body, for her dreams and making them reality.

  6. Lavanya Bahuguna

    Well that’s true! What we see is only our reflection and not some magic or incidence. Whatever is happening in our country is just our reflection. How? The Fear in one’s mind. We fear getting robbed, getting eve-teased, getting abandoned, loosing finances, loosing self-esteem hence we attract them. Many studies say that this fear gets reflected in the environment and things happen to us. So important is to not fear anything/anyone. But of course, that doesn’t mean roaming alone at midnight! Wisdom along with fearless self is the call of this time.

    So what if this mirror is showcasing a weak, deprived, helpless and fearful woman right now? I am sure once we women determine to bring upon this small shift in mind, the Mirror Image (the environment) will also bring happiness, flourishing society all together. Before fighting the society, fight your own inner lower self – become strong, take wise decisions, stay firm for what you believe is right. Let’s together bring this ripple effect in our society. I am working towards it..I am working on myself. 🙂

  7.'Rashmi Ambuj Singh

    If you are asking about women – I see a modern woman with a hint of cultural values. Overall, I see a growing India. Though slow but with surety.

  8.'Vinay Arora

    Hi, I hope men are allowed to express their views 😉
    I see a smart youthful India taking over the old, slow and corrupt India. I wish to see India as one of the most advanced country and i believe in the power of youth (both men and women). Thank you.

  9.'Ruby Khan

    I see a woman who is learning to come out of her fears. She is learning to spread her wings and fly high in the her sky. She is learning to fight back the evils of her society and the devils hiding at places unassumed. She is learning to balance herself with the pace of rest of the world. She is regaining her strength. She is the new Indian Woman.

  10.'Manju Mathur

    जन्म मैंने कितने लिए ,इसका कोई हिसाब नहीं
    जुल्म मैंने कितने सहे ,इसका भी जवाब नहीं
    जब मैं थी जानकी ,गुजरना अग्निपरीक्षा से पड़ा
    जब मैं हुई मीरा ,ज़हर हलक में पीना पड़ा
    बनी जब मैं प्रेम दीवानी राधा ,
    तन्हा मुझे छोड़ ,कान्हा को जाना पड़ा
    बनी आज की निर्भया दामिनी तो क्या मिला ,
    मुझे तो आखिर दर्द की अंतहीन पीड़ा से
    विदा दुनिया से ही लेना पड़ा
    आग में जलना ,जहर पी जाना
    चुप रह अकेले में रो लेना या
    दर्द सहते सहते गले मौत के लग जाना
    क्या ये ही है आईने में नारी के चेहरे ?
    वक्त बदला युग बदला बदल गया ज़माना
    आईना वही रहा बस बदलते रहे चेहरे मोहरे ………..
    आईना झूठ नहीं कहता. आज की कुछ एक नारियां साहसी, आत्मनिर्भर और थोड़ी सजग जरुर हुई है पर फिर भी ज्यादातर महिलायें कहाँ खड़ी है ये बताने कि जरुरत नहीं है पहले और आज में ज्यादा फर्क नहीं हुआ है . अभी सफर लम्बा है पर आस का दामन थामे रखो मज़िल मिलेगी जरूर.

  11.'Chandni Khurana

    Mirror Mirror on the Wall, show us the picture of all of all…

    Heading up in the sky with esteem and dignity,
    A bright smile of independence and confidence shines and glares at us through the mirror.

    Having been able to work out equations to work and have domestic life both within and outside the society, accepting and making the world accept who we are and how powerful we are, are we really missing on something?
    The glare of this achievement in the mirror is enough to conceal the deep pits of fears we have within ourselves. We The Women of Jaipur after conquering the wars outside must fight the fears within. The fear and insecurity of losing a position and image that took so hard and so many struggles to build. Success is an ongoing journey and success must not rest with us. The mirror can have several glares and endlessly Twinkle like a Star if we let the dark holes of insecurity fill with the light of hope and desire to help other women and counterparts in fighting their wars. Let’s help the counterparts to help ourselves in getting free from all fears within. Let’s be Free as never before.

    A woman is not “AAM”. A woman, Any woman and Every woman is Special collectively making this Mirror Magical.


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