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Milk bank

We didn’t realize the importance of Milk Bank until we had visited one. On 26 March this year, Jaipur launched Rajasthan’s 1st Milk Bank, making it the 2nd in the country. Situated in the Maheela Chikitsalaya, the ward is built next to the baby nursery where the new-born are kept under medical observation.

Currently headed by Dr. Sheela Sharma, the Milk Bank is a joint effort of Indian and Norway govt. and the highly-advanced machines present here are donated by the latter.

The Milk Bank not only encourages healthy nursing mothers to donate their extra breast milk for babies who are deprived of it, but also give tutorials to new mothers on the correct way of breastfeeding. We all know how important the breast milk is for the infant as it helps build baby’s immune system. But sometimes the mother is ill or the baby fails to swallow milk from the nipple. In such cases, the Milk Bank teaches these mothers the right way of lactation which subsequently helps them feed for a longer time, and also helps to extract milk from the mother’s breast using pumps in case she is not able to feed herself.

Jaipur Women Blog supports this noble cause and invites all the healthy nursing mothers of the city to be a part of this mission. Your breast milk is a wonderful gift that can save a baby’s life.

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