Friday, July 19 2024, 08:24:18
  • fatasstic


According to UNICEF, 20% of the world’s child population will never attend school. Lucky are the ones who get support, but carrying it forward again isn’t an easy task.

JWB’s ‘Classroom on Wheels’ campaign is looking forward to dislocate this figure and help those kids who lack educational resources. We were highly moved by the picture of a child studying under the streetlight that floated few months back on the internet. Since most of the school going slum children have no access of electricity in their homes, our campaign aims to help them by providing a mobile classroom with all necessary facilities like lamps, chairs, table and even a tutor!

For this we wish to hire a mini truck that can carry all these requirements to slum areas every day.

To collect funds, we have planned to hold an auction showcasing masterpieces created by internationally renowned Jaipur based designers. These masterpieces, however, will be created using old school bags!! How? The journey has just started, keep an eye to know more and be a part of the cause. Till then, keep up the excitement level!

  • JWB along with the brand Jewel Saga bring you a selfie contest inspired by the campaign AidToMaid.

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