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These ‘Acid Aunty’ Cutlery Sets By Desi Pop Artist Maria Are Our New Favorite

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  •   July 2, 2016


Imagine Indian Pop-art drawn on your dinner-set placed subtly alongside the English florals in a mix of neons and pastels.

Label HateCopy is selling this fab mix of artworks in stylish cutlery sets. The designer behind this project is Pop artist Maria Qamar who’s work refers to the stereotypical image of a ‘desi aunty’ with some funny quotes.


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During an interview, she said, “I can honestly draw in that way so I’m more comfortable drawing my ideas into the pop-art scenario than I would be (doing it in a) realist or abstract (way). I think of something that’s not Desi-related, an easily imagined scenario. I usually draw the characters first, and then I think about what they could be thinking at the time.”

So does everybody love her art? She said, “A few people have been offended by me more than the work itself because they know I was born in Pakistan and they have their own opinions of what they think I might be. So they bring in factors that have nothing to do with the work. They look for a divide. ‘Well, OK,’ I say. ‘Look, it’s doing well. I’m making work that I really love. What’s wrong with it really?’ People are always looking for a fight, so my response to those things is that it’s Desi art. I don’t have an agenda. You relate to it, you laugh at it, and people love it.”

Fondly remembering about her first art piece, she told, “I actually had to hide the fact I was doing it. After I drew my first piece, ‘Burnt the Rotis’, I told my mother, ‘Oh, you know those drawings I was making at home, and you were asking what I was doing? OK, well I’m painting them now and the job search is going great too.’ But now my mum is getting very bold and savvy; she wants me to make this a full-time business.”

You can buy her work here.

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