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This Jaipur Girl Was Sitting Next To A Man In A Plane. What Happened Next Is The Plot Twist

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  •  July 9, 2015


Heavy suitcase. Check. Sunglasses. Check. Sunscreen. Check. Fully charged phone. Check. Selfie face. Check.

Don’t judge me for the last one. It was a trip I was going for after all.

This check list was for my Singapore exchange. The destination itself sounds so-so wonderful. The trip, however, had some bumps on the way. But you know what? I have always been an optimist and I made it a goal to make this trip a memorable one no matter what the obstacles were.

Sanguine is my middle name, of course.

Well, as we boarded our flight, we were a group of 13 people from my school, including the teachers. Sounds odd too, right? Anyway, after getting on the plane, I realised that I would have to be the one to sit next to a complete stranger.

I was terrified.

Now, this stranger was middle aged, wearing all white. His eyes were that of a hawk, watching my every move as I sat next to him, clutching my bag pack to my chest in an act of defence and protection.

Come to think of it, the plane ride was of 5 hours. While all my other friends slept soundly, I was on the watch. I was in no way ready to let my guard down. Being a girl, you can’t trust someone you just met, right?

Anyway, after spending 5 hours, just sitting like a potato, we finally touched down at Kuala Lampur, the Land of Beauty and Batu Caves.

I wanted to leave behind a very very unpleasant experience. In my head, whenever I witness or go through something horrible, I take a deep breath, let it out and snap my fingers saying: “Hey. You have to forget this and move on.” And after saying this mantra, my bad experience vanishes, for the time being and I can be the happy-go-lucky person I am said to be.

What I want to narrate by my experience is sometimes in life, you’ll be forced to adjust to a whole new environment and you will have no choice but to adjust, then close your eyes and embrace the moment and live it. Don’t let two or three abysmal moments ruin your day or life, for that matter


As this story ends, let me pep you up for a brief plot twist. We were allowed to look into the mind of a terrified teenager but what about the man she so scornfully mentions?

This can’t be an eventful flight. 5 hours? Ugh. Let’s see who accompanies me. Maybe I can finally give my business card to someone. Ha Ha. Oh, a little girl. Looks just like my daughter. Wait, why is she clutching her bag as If I’m going to snatch it right out of her arms? Way to make a first impression.

Why is she so on guard? She should sleep. I think she’s on a school trip. Oh, the food is here! I am going to take a long nap now. Maybe the child will sleep too. I am a little concerned.

This was a major plot twist. And in the end, the man was not even thinking crudely as the girl thought he was. Well, some things are not what they look like. Just like Maggie? I miss it.

By narrating both the sides of a story, we would like to point out how overly guarded Indian girls have become. So misguided that they are unable to judge one’s character.

However, this episode only highlights that women should not be weak. They are capable of doing anything and everything.  Hence, don’t be ashamed of voicing your opinions. If you are uncomfortable, say it. You feel happy? Show it. Don’t be afraid to do adventurous things in life and never let any stranger sidetrack your goals and aims.

Feel good about yourself and never conceal your true self. Live a life that is devoid of fear and insecurities. And teach a lesson or two to those who you think ever misbehaved with you.

Remember, this orthodox society can change, and you can be the reason behind it.

“A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


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