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Kamna Mam: “Geography. Oh lord, I don’t even want to remember those days”

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  •  September 4, 2014

To celebrate Teacher’s Day, here is another quick interview we did with another Jaipur based teacher Ms. Kamna Kaul, who teaches Art & Craft at the SMS School. People close to her describe her as an easy-going person who is always calm yet makes other burst out laughing. The interview intends to reveal Kamna’s other side, not of a teacher but who she is as a student. For that, we formed few questions that helped us reveal her mischievous side.

And soon we will be bringing you our special Teacher’s Day campaign in association with Femina Lifestyle all-women store and the Palace School, Jaipur. In this campaign, we made teachers of the Palace School attend few fun curriculum classes taught by their students, each with a message for them.

Below read our conversation with Ms. Kamna:

JWB – So imagine yourself as a student. What discipline rule do you want to break?

Kamna – Would bunk the class!

[Funny it is, Professor Neeti Kasliwal has the same naughty mindset!]

JWB – Which class you would bunk?

Kamna – Art & craft.

JWB – But you teach this subject!

Kamna – That’s why. Too much of everything is bad plus the school bag will be too heavy with all the acrylics, crafts stationary. Who wants that! (winks)

JWB – and which is that class you would always want to attend?

Kamna – Science and mathematics.

JWB – How will you spend your day after bunking the class?

Kamna – Go to the canteen – my favorite place.

JWB – Do you have an excuse in mind to give to your teacher for not completing the assignment on time?

Kamna – ‘Mam, my papa is not well and I had to help mom with household chores.’ You see, sentiments related to parents are the key.

JWB – Most horrifying subject?

Kamna – Geography. Oh lord, I don’t even want to remember those days.

JWB – Your take on school uniforms?

Kamna – Uniforms are good. Atleast, you won’t have to think about what to wear each day. And don’t get me started on choosing the matching shoe and accessories.

JWB – We want to know how Kamna would tackle the bullying in her school as a student.

Kamna – I was a child in my school days. Nobody actually dared to bully me.

JWB – So you are a student and imagine boys flirting with you in the college, how will you react?

Kamna – If the boy is good looking, I will tell my friends to feel proud! Ha-ha.

JWB – Tell our readers, if you were not a teacher, what profession would you be in?

Kamna – Doctor.

JWB – And, what do you dream as a teacher?

Kamna – To rule the art and crafts world and walk its red carpet.

JWB – Wonderful! Did you enjoy the session?

Kamna – A lot.

JWB – We have one last question. Tell us, who is Kamna Kaul as a woman that most of us don’t know.

Kamna – She is emotional and thinks from her heart.

JWB – We can sense that, Kamna. You are a lovely person who speaks from her heart.

Kamna – Thank you.

Share with us the thoughts after reading this interview! xoxo

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