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Neeti Mam: “Oh, I would love to bunk the classes”

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  •  September 4, 2014


While Femina Lifestyle Classroom Campaign in association with the Palace School is in making, to warm up we went around Jaipur to catch up with our lovable female teachers and ask them something that will open their other side. We all know them as strict and sincere teachers at school, but with this campaign we are all set to reveal their funny & childish nature.

To start with, we met the vivacious & strong-headed Ms. Neeti Kasliwal, Marketing & Advertising Professor at the Banasthali University, Jaipur. We fired few questions at her to know how it would be if Neeti is still a student. Here you go…

JWB – If you were a student again, what discipline rule you would break first?

Neeti – Oh, I would love to bunk the classes.

JWB – Which class you would bunk?

Neeti – Umm…perhaps Quantitative techniques and Law.

JWB – and class that you would always attend?

Neeti – The subject I am good at – Marketing and advertising!

JWB – What would you choose to do after bunking the class?

Neeti – Ah, I will straight away go to the college canteen and do lots of gossip with my girlfriends.

JWB – Do you have an excuse in mind to give to your teacher for not completing the assignment on time?

Neeti – ‘Mam, I was not well at all.’ It is cliché but always works!

JWB – Was there any subject you were scared of failing in?

Neeti – I hate mathematics. Scared of it.

JWB – If being a student, what is your thought about uniforms?

Neeti – I miss my school uniform. They are important for any educational institute.

JWB – We want to know how Neeti would tackle the bullying in her school being a student.

Neeti – I will fight back. I will never let such things overpower me.

JWB – Here comes an interesting question. How would the student Neeti react to boys flirting with her?

Neeti – Well, I will clear things out & be ok with it.

JWB – Tell our readers, if you were not a teacher, what profession would you be in?

Neeti – A Chef! I cook really well. Come over sometime.

JWB – Thank you. What do you dream as a teacher?

Neeti – I find it so encouraging seeing my students doing well in their lives and being happy. Professionally, I hold a dream of writing and publishing more papers on my subject that can help readers of this field.

JWB – Amen. We hope you enjoyed the quick question-answer session with us. However on a personal note, we have a last question. We all know Neeti Kasliwal as that brilliant and happy-go-lucky Professor. Who is she as a woman?

Neeti – I am what my students see me like. I am quite cheerful and one can see me smiling throughout the day.  I think Neeti as a woman is a reliable friend whom one can trust. But also she has a dark side of being short-tempered and lacking some patience. Ha-ha.

JWB – Well this negative side can be credited for lots of energy in you that is infectious.

Make sure to share with us what you think about this conversation! xoxo

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