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Femina Lifestyle Classroom: History

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  •  September 6, 2014


The fourth class of our campaign called ‘Femina Lifestyle Class’ is another benchmark we have created on Teacher’s Day. In association with Femina Lifestyle women clothing brand, we reached the Palace school and made its 15 teachers attend classes of wisdom. These classes were taken by 5 girl students of this school who were determined to bring a positive change in their teachers’ lives.

Each class had a mission to make the teachers learn from the younger generation of girls – the future women of Jaipur – and help them bring back the youthful challenging spirit and confidence found in a young girl of this generation.


This is the HISTORY class. Let’s see what was happening there:

Himanshi M’am (our little teacher) – Hello, dear students. I am Himanshi M’am and we will study History today.

Student 1 – Ah, I hate history. I cannot remember the dates and eras. It is BORING!


Himanshi M’am– Don’t worry, my dear students. I won’t take you to the past. Rather, we’ll talk about the future!

The hooting and whistling started as soon as the 15 females heard that history class has been turned into a time machine to travel the future.


Himanshi M’am – So here is your activity. Take this booklet with cut-outs of different styles. You can see a doll inside it. It is you. Now, your task is to dress up this doll for a future event that you have been waiting for long to attend.


Himanshi M’am – Believe that you are all set, looking beautiful, dressed in your best dress, all educated and full of qualities that are required for this future event.

Himanshi M’am – How would you like to dress yourself, in which style? Pick it up and stick it to the doll.


Student 2 – I have dressed my doll in the black sexy gown cut out. I want to look like Angelina Jolie to hold hands with Brad Pitt. Ha-ha.

Himanshi M’am– So, now who wants to show her doll to the class?


Neha – I have dressed myself in a blue Anarkali-gown for 2015, the year when I am determined to get the award for best Woman Entrepreneur. This style has lots of elegant lace work, which I love!


Shameen – I am wearing an Anarkali for next year. It is without any dupatta, because I believe my elegance cannot be defined with this dupatta. I am all set to attend my cousin’s wedding next year in this style, all confident.


Pooja – I am attending the New York Shopping fest next year in my favorite attire, a black saree with golden border. And that is how I have dressed my doll for it. I am all confident I am going there. Nobody can stop me.

Himanshi – Definitely! You all can fulfill your future dreams if you believe in it. You have dressed your dolls, that means, you believe in your respective future plan. Right?


The new generation is fast and furious. They make so many plans and complete them without fail. They take each plan head-on and hence, live life regret free. So what is stopping you? Come’ on, today is the history of that glorious future. Create it magnificently.

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