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Femina Lifestyle Classroom: Time Management

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  •  September 6, 2014


Our Teacher’s Day campaign is not just about paying tribute to the teachers but bringing few positive changes in their lives that they might have forgotten about. We joined hands with Femina Lifestyle all-women brand and invited teachers for a ‘Femina Lifestyle class’. We reached the Palace School situated in the city and made their 15 female teachers attend 5 fun classes on the campus.

Interestingly, these classes were taken by 5 Palace School students! The idea was to make the teachers learn from the younger generation of girls – the future women of Jaipur – and help them bring back the youthful challenging spirit and confidence found in a young girl of this generation.

The subjects undertaken were – Anatomy, Economics, History, Literature and Time Management. Though might sound boring, the curriculum of each subject was unique and filled with lessons on womanhood.


Caution – don’t think these 15 students (the real life teachers) will be all sweet in the class. Before they raised hands in the class, they were caught discussing issues of uniforms and what new subject school must introduce.

“How cool it would be to wear short skirts all over again with socks rolled down!”

“Ah! The school now should think over introducing modeling as one of the compulsory subjects. Women will love it!”

Let us now take you to a 20-minute class of excitement, i.e Time Management:


Tanisha M’am (a student turned a professor)– Hello class, I am Miss. Tanisha and we will be studying time management today.


Student 1 – *yawn*

Tanisha – Class, be attentive. We have only 20 minutes, and we must make full utilization of it. Today we will talk and learn about I-time. The time we spend with ourselves.

Student 2 – Mam, but why not ear time?


The students burst out laughing, but suddenly Tanisha m’am took over.

Tanisha – Tell me, how much time do you spend with yourself each day?

Student 3 – no time.

Student 4 – 15-20 minutes.

Student 5 – maximum 30 minutes.


Similar answers kept pouring in for few more seconds.

Tanisha – That bad. This shows how inattentive you are towards yourselves. Let me introduce you to an activity. I have hand-mirrors for each one of you. I will mention different hours from a day, and all of you will enact the particular emotion you are experiencing this time of the day.


As Tanisha started mentioning hours of the day, all the 15 students peeped into their mirrors and enacted their daily schedules at those hours.

6 a.m – *Fear* How will I cope up with the day today.


9 a.m – Concerned about my face and skin.

Noon – Full of grudge. Shouting in the class. Tired

3 p.m – Sleeping. Chatting on Whatsapp.

6 p.m – Preparing tea and snacks for the family. Deciding what to cook for the dinner.


9 p.m – Sleepy. Next day’s preparation. Bag pack of kids. Deciding what to prepare for breakfast.

Midnight – *snoring*


Tanisha – Why is your constant struggle towards being successful each day? Why as women, do we forget to take out some time for ourselves? I have another activity for all of you that will help you plan your I-time in a good manner.

Here are your wardrobes made by Femina Lifestyle. You can see, this almirah is filled with your best designer shoes, clothes, accessories, jewelries, etc. It looks like our daily routines choked in with so many things. Can you see one shelf is empty? Fill it up now! This is for your I-time.


Student 6 – But it’s a small space, m’am, to write all I want to do in my I-time.

Tanisha – It’s good to have unlimited wishes for I-time. Though, I would suggest you to keep your hand-writing small.


Everyone started laughing and soon indulged themselves pondering what they want to do for themselves. Ms. Sumera Tiwari, one of the students, then read out her list of wishes:


From now on, I will give myself 2 ½ hours to myself anyhow. I want ½ hour for walking. 1 hour watching TV. 1 hour to arrange my papers and stationary and then some time to chat with my loved ones on whatsapp.

Tanisha – You should try to keep away from your phone. That way you will enjoy time with your own self.

Sumera – But I just can’t miss.

Tanisha – Uff…this generation!


Another student Anupama said she would like to keep ½ hour for listening to her favorite songs. Another 30 minutes for her skin care and further 10 mints to enjoy her food with more ease.

Tanisha – Dear class, it is never too late to start a new regime. I hope today’s class has made you self-reflect. After all, it is not bad to be a young girl in her teens all over again. Do you see how they spend so much time in front of the mirror, deciding what to wear, taking care of their manicures, hairstyle. Then why are you in a hurry. Everything will fall in place, just relax and live a bit more for yourself.

Chorus – Thank you, m’am.


The school bell rang, and Tanisha m’am left the class. These 20 minutes teach every woman that no matter what your current role is, never forget about the woman in you. Give her some time too, and see how every other role blossoms up on its own.

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