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Let JWB’s Tallest Blogger Guide You On How To Rock ‘Tall Girl’ Fashion

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  •  August 17, 2016


Being a tall girl means that the “jitni chaadar hai utne hi pair failaao” phrase doesn’t apply to me, because in most cases, even the largest size of chaadars don’t give me the luxury of using enough of it.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with clothing. Tall girls have an advantage when it comes to dressing up. It isn’t tough to pick up clothes. I decided to raid the Myntra App today, because NEED CLOTHES! I’m sure you’re on the app, as it will prove convenient for you to shop! Download the app for iOS and Android .

If you’re a tall girl and are looking for some shopping advice, let me help you out here:


Jumpsuits sit well on the curves of a tall girl, compliment her frame, and I think are made for us! So a 5’7 can pull it off much better than someone who is shorter.

I adore this Navy Georgette Jumpsuit. Pair it with heels, and you know you’ll be turning heads. Download the app for iOS and Android .Screenshot_20160720-142316

Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans tend to decrease the length of your legs, so they’re always a good choice for tall women. Goin’ on for a casual brunch? Pull them on, and you’re ready to go. Download the app for iOS and Android .Screenshot_20160720-143312

Midi/High-waist Skirts

Midi skirts are perfectly suited for long legs. They will make your calves appear more shapely and give your frame a gorgeous silhouette. Download the app for iOS and Android .

Rock this Tan Brown pencil skirt with a tucked in shirt or a crop top. Download the app for iOS and Android .Screenshot_20160720-142539

My personal favorite is this paneled pencil skirt but is priced a little on the higher side. Download the app for iOS and Android .Screenshot_20160720-142753

Maxi Skirt/Dress

These were typically designed for us, girls! This pretty FabAlley skirt NEEDS to be a part of every tall girl’s wardrobe. Pair it with a shirt and maybe put on some statement earrings. Download the app for iOS and Android .Screenshot_20160720-142700


Just because you are tall, it doesn’t take your right away to put on a pair of heels. Download the app for iOS and Android .

This pair of black heels is a perfect pick for you. Download the app for iOS and Android .Screenshot_20160720-142958They could go great with a mini. Or, try these beige and blue ones. They’ll go great with a flirty dress. Download the app for iOS and Android .Screenshot_20160720-142920

Or try these burgundy ones! Download the app for iOS and Android .Screenshot_20160720-143222


Every tall girl needs a pair of strappy flats in her wardrobe. Try these beige & brown ones, they’ll go great with the cropped jeans! Download the app for iOS and Android .Screenshot_20160720-144315


These white and pink flats stole my heart instantly. I’d probably wear them with a summer dress. What do you think? Download the app for iOS and Android .Screenshot_20160720-144357


Was I insightful in any way? *rolls eyes* I’m pretty cool, right? You can get all of the above-mentioned items on the Myntra App! Download the app for iOS and Android .

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