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A new anthology, Drawing the Line: Indian Women Fight Back

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  •   April 29, 2015

Stories by 14 women make us realize that we all stand together in solidarity.

Published by the Delhi-based Zubaan Books, the anthology, edited by Larissa Bertonasco, Ludmilla Bartscht and Priya Kuriyan, is a result of a week-long workshop held in 2014 where women shared personal stories. In an attempt to encourage more women to step into the realm of sequential art and graphic storytelling, the book not only published stories by names familiar to graphic art enthusiasts, it also published a large number of young artists and storytellers in a way very few publishing houses in India do. This anthology features stories by 14 women, the names of Kaveri Gopalakrishnan, Reshu Singh and Harini Kanan need no introduction.

The stories explore a range of issues: rape reportage, the encouragement of the voyeur, the unimportance of being fair, solidarity on a Mumbai train, a surreal realm of imagination guided by memories of the past and of course, rebellion.

Ludmilla Bartscht, one of the editors of the anthology, is a globally-renowned visual artist who is a part of the Spring Artistic collective.

“In all the workshops I did, I always felt like a midwife: helping others to give birth to what is inside of them. I enjoy that very much. But it only works when you find a connection and create a trusting atmosphere without shame or fear of failure,” Bartscht says of her involvement in the anthology.


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