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This Blogger Turned Designer’s Recycled Jewelry Made It To The New York Fashion Week

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  •  February 20, 2017


Remember how we were taught to make a thousand things out of recycled material in school, but none of us took it seriously!

Well, meet the young and very talented fashion blogger turned designer who believes in making all things beautiful and environment-friendly. Aanchal Sukhija’s unique jewelry collection made it to the New York Fashion Week.

Brand Mission Pluto, her jewelry line, is entirely made out of recycled goods.

Aanchal Sukhija

Isn’t that so cool?

From stainless steel scrubs to washer pipes or mop heads, Aanchal uses them all. In an interview with ScoopWhoop, Aanchal says, “All we need is the eye to see it.” She’s calling no small shots either; the young lady’s work was recently a part of the New York Fashion Week.

“I have definitely taken a chance. It can backfire. I have been a blogger for a while, but I really wanted to take this risk, I mean if not now, then when. To make a change, you need to attract people’s attention, and that’s where NYFW came into play. We should not be scared to offend; we should be scared of not being heard.”

The dynamic designer knows all the risks involved with the quirky jewelry she makes, but her enthusiasm and courage will make her sail through the tough times.

“The idea was to find beauty in the most mundane things. There is no challenge in finding beauty in what’s already beautiful, the challenge is to find the beauty in things we label you know, for example, scotch brite is labeled as cleaning dirt, and that’s that, that’s where the story ends. But for me, that’s where it really begins. There is a strong need to argue for democratic procedures and freedom of expression and to explore the mechanisms of personal relations of power!!”

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