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Our Diwali wish: Switch on the Light!

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  •  October 22, 2014


Diwali. Victory of good over evil. Victory of knowledge over ignorance. Victory of hope over despair. Victory of light over darkness.

We wish a very happy Diwali to every woman reading this. So which of the above did you experience lately? Let us share our story with you. When Jaipur Women Blog was being established 10 months back, we had big aspirations we’re still living. We took baby steps with sincerity to reach this height. But all this has not been a cake-walk. With every story about ‘Victory of good over evil’ & ‘Victory of hope over despair’; we have tried our best to bring the ‘Victory of light over darkness’ in your life. Because that has always been our sole purpose.

Every story that we’ve covered, every woman whom we’ve met and every lesson we have learnt; has made us come closer to our goal. On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, we crave for one more advancement in your life with one message – Start Taking Responsibility.

Human is accustomed to blame others for bad happenings. But this is not the right way. Every person creates his own problem and has the strength to overcome it. The Indian women are good at blaming the self and her fortune but it has never resulted in anything positive. Blaming is giving up an already unsuccessful life, while taking responsibility is every winner’s story. This Diwali, let’s vow to never say few things:

  1. “Since I met so and so, it’s been nothing but trouble”
  2. “My life has always been this bad. Good fortune is far away from me. Bad job, bad spouse, bad savings.”
  3. “God always overlooks my hard work.”
  4. “I might have done something really bad in last lifetime that’s why I have such in-laws.”
  5. “The kids have made my life hell.”
  6. “I am not a good wife for I don’t give my husband the advantage of being a man.”

One change in you can change the person infront of you. Stop being superstitious and blaming the universe, get up and take charge. Switch on the light in your soul and realize your potential. Don’t wait for husband, mother-in-law, that vendor, society, government & laws to change. You are the light, spread your brightness everywhere…just like a lantern in the dark.

Wish you a very happy & dazzling festival of lights!

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