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Priya Motiani

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Numbers To Know About The Paris Climate Change Summit

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  •  December 1, 2015


The 21st Conference Of Parties (COP 21), held yesterday in Paris, was a summit attended by the governments of more than 190 nations so as to arrive at a global treaty that will prevent global warming thereby reducing the hazardous repercussions of climatic change.

After 2014 being rated as the hottest year in history, it is about time that this meet happened. Isn’t it?

The summit also hosted leading scientists from all over the world; the forewarning of which states that if the current emissions of green house gases continues to prevail, planet earth will enter into a catastrophic zone.

This zone is a temperature rise of 2C above pre-industrial levels. By the way, as per the current emission rate, we are headed towards a rise of about 5C. If that doesn’t scare you, the following numbers will.

Here are the crucial numbers:

1 global negotiating text.

2020 – the date when an agreement would come into force.

2C – the amount global temperatures can rise by to provide a chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change, as agreed at prior negotiations.

3C – the amount global temperatures are predicted to rise by if all the current national commitments to cut emissions are implemented.

4-6C – the amount global temperatures are predicted to rise by with no action.

20 – the number of years global climate negotiations have been ongoing.

89 pages in the negotiating text in June.

20 pages in the negotiating text in early October.

50+ pages in the final negotiating text for the conference.

90 new electric vehicle charge points installed in Paris for the conference.

134 – the number of countries in the G77 coalition of developing nations.

147 – the number of heads of state and government who will attend the opening day of the talks.

150 – the number of countries hosting climate marches over the opening of the conference.

166 countries have submitted national commitments to reduce their emissions.

196 – the number of parties to the UN’s framework convention.

3,000 – the number of journalists the COP media facilities can accommodate.

Nearly 6,000 journalists have applied for accreditation.

2,800 police at the conference venue.

8,000 police deployed to carry out border checks during conference.

20,000 people credited to attend the conference.

21,000 metric tonnes of CO2 the conference is expected to emit and offset.

$100bn (£67bn) promised annually to developing countries by 2020 to help them deal with climate change.

Leaders from world’s most polluting countries were also present at the summit, and guess what? Our dearest India comes under the paradigm of ‘most polluted countries’. If that doesn’t scare us, I don’t know what will.


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