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My Take On Nepotism Is That I Don’t Do It, Says Ekta Kapoor On Presenting Newcomers

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  •  August 9, 2018


“When I see an audition we only notice how good or bad they are, if there is a vulnerability and if they fit the role. To the young talent out there, ‘Do not stalk me or follow me. Just send me your audition tape. Your legacy and background will not matter and don’t make your friends or uncle, politician aunty or family friends call me, it will be a dampener,” said producer Ekta Kapoor.

Currently busy in promoting her home production “Laila Majnu”, which features newcomers Avinash Tiwary and Tripti Dimri, Ekta said that she prefers to give a chance to the deserving and is never influenced by a someone’s background and connections.

“My take on nepotism is that I don’t do it. I don’t agree that it is only the film industry’s problem because there is a whole world around it…” she said, adding that for her newcomers are not strugglers but “untapped talent.”

“I do get calls from politicians, bureaucrats, actors, and friends and my mother tells me if we don’t cast that person we will have to bear the brunt. I see the audition tape and cast if I think they fit the bill. It is a financial stress at the end of the day but it is less stressful because at least, I am honest to my job,” she added.

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H/T: The Times Of India

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