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Dr. Veerbala Bhavsar: Veer Bala Forever

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  •  July 1, 2014

Daughter of Freedom fighter couple from Rajasthan – Dhulji Bhai Bhavsar and Vijayadevi, Dr. Veerbala Bhavsar has seen life from rising to touch new heights and then coming back to the sands from which it emerged.


Veerbala is a woman who gave this life to the sand. She is an artist who makes paintings from sand. She creates magic with her sand work as she is able to give the perfect illusion of three dimensions in her two dimensional art in sand. The famous art critic Prayag Shukla highlights: “The work done by Dr. Veerbala in sand art is unique in the whole world”.


She has won numerous awards for her work. Maharana Sajjan Singh Samman, All India Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy Award, Mahila Kala Ratna Award are a few to name. She has written books like “Aadiwasi Kala” published by ministry of information and broadcasting, “Saundraya darshan” book on Aesthetics by Jawahar Kala Kendra and many more. She has been HOD, Dep. of Fine Arts, Rajasthan University, Jaipur and has helped polish many artist. Her art has also been praised by the famous writer Krishna Chaitnya in his book “The history of Indian Paintings – the Modern Period”.

Dr. Veerbala shares: “I have proved the plasticity of colours in sand.” Her art has been exhibited across India in numerous shows along with becoming the decoration for many renowned establishments, galleries and homes of the art lovers.


The Loom of Life:

Being born in a family of freedom fighters, Dr. Veerbala along with her sisters had always followed the Gandhian Philosophy. According to her, “If we didn’t spin yarn on loom, we would not get food as one had to do one’s share of work in order to get food.” Even today she wears Khadi and has a loom in her house and she spins threads of yarn in order to attain mental peace and get concentrated. She has more than 60,000 meters of fine yarn ready which she gives to Khadi Gramodyog.


Veer Bala Forever:

Dr. Veerbala has been living her name in true sense. Veer – brave, and bala – girl.  She remembers: “In 1971, Sthayi Gandhi Darshan exhibition in Delhi was selecting artists from all over India. I was selected too but based on the women criteria. When I came to know of this fact, I turned down the offer. I asked them to test and select me based on my skills and not by my gender.”


On question of the role models she promptly replied: “I do not have any role model. Who needs role models when you are born to such great parents? I always worked to be myself and so I do not have any role model.”

When the topic of Marriage came up she said: “I wanted to work and was lucky to have parents who, though wanted to see me married, never pressurised me which was a very uncommon thing in those times.”

She is a petite lady with an adorable demeanor. Her house is set in a cosy corner surrounded by greenery and every corner is adorned with her breath-taking sand work. Today, Dr. Veerbala Bhavsar plans to prepare her life time work catalog so that the future generations can always get glimpse of her work.

R.L.K.A.15th K. M.2012


Veerbala creates marvels out of sand and besides intricacies of art has always taught her students to “Live life with courage to take difficulties as a part of life. Never back off from any problem or your work just because you are a woman. You have to take your own decisions and take up every task with interest and it will complete successfully.”


By Ruby Khan,

JWB Journalist

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