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The Awa Tribe Breastfeeds Animals Until Fully Grown

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  •  December 14, 2015


I’ve always been fascinated by peculiar things but then again aren’t we all. This particular one, however, triggered my curiosity a bit more than other times.

It is a modern world we live in, with our sweet televisions, laptops and smartphones, and big pollution emitting vehicles! Far, far away, into the fairyland of Amazonian forests of East Brazil lives the endangered tribe Awa. European colonies have pushed Awa towards near extinction.

However, regardless of them marking their territory, the Awa are living in perfect harmony with nature. Most families adopt wild animals and the women breastfeed them until they are fully grown.

So, no. Their families aren’t restricted to only human beings.


Kids grow up with wild animals by their side.


Animals help them with tasks like cracking nuts and gathering food.


They have pets like wild pigs, parakeets, squirrels, large rodents. However, their favourites are monkeys.


Most of their tribe was washed off by smallpox and measles.


Very few outsiders have been able to make contact with the Awa.


Only 300 Awa are alive today.


Out of 300, about 60 of them have no contact with the outside world. They inhabit a tiny jungle near Barra do Corda.


Forest fires are their worst enemies.

I wonder what it would be like if we ever walked into their world. Dead Meat, maybe?E

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