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Meet Eesha Choradia, The Artist Who Has Made It To A Global Catalogue At Just 15

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  •  May 31, 2019

“I remember my mother proudly putting up all the works of art I made and then creating
 calendars out of them,” says Eesha Choradia, the artist whose abstract artwork was recently selected by Inkiostro
 Bianco, a leading Italian design house to be converted into wallpapers.

At just 15, Eesha’s abstract art has already found its place in a global catalogue and that indeed is no short of a feat. Sharing how the collaboration worked out, Eesha said in a recent interaction with Vogue, “My parents often gifted my paintings to their friends.
 On one of their trips to Italy, Simona de Franchi, who is a close family friend, saw my work 
and liked it. She showed it to her partners at IB, and that’s how the collaboration came

Eesha Inside1

Sharing what inspires her art, she says, “I like the
 vivid colours and textures seen in nature, which can also be seen in most of my paintings.”

“I am inspired by several things. When I first started painting, I played
 around with poster colours. I have now shifted my focus to other mediums, such as acrylic. 
I’ve experimented with combinations by creating work that is a blend of multiple mediums 
such as ink, paint, texture, and fabric,” adds Eesha.

Speaking on her design aesthetics, she says, 
“I would classify my design aesthetic as detailed, minimalistic and contemporary.
 I prefer starting to work with a broad idea, and having the details emerge as I am painting. When I am creating a piece of art, I like to take into account the colours, and try to make 
sure the painting is balanced.”


H/T: Vogue

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