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‘Babbu the Painter’ Has Posted A Close-Up Of Her Thigh & Here’s Why We Need To Zoom Into It

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  •  September 26, 2017


Remember meeting the Indo-Canadian bomb, Babbu the Painter, a while ago? The artist is a well-known face in the art circle for being exceedingly eccentric when it comes to her work.

She likes painting terms like Bakwaas, Bad Bitch (she often uses the word ‘Kutti,’ instead), and Bad Beti on her design palettes to ‘brush aside’ the set social norms hindering the growth of women.

🌶️BABBU ADDING SOME SPICE IN YOUR LIFE🌶️ . . Custom hand painted jacked for the August issue of @cosmoindia. Currently taking orders for custom jackets! Provide Babbu with some key words, some reference images and she works her maggicccc! E: babbuthepainter@gmail.com for more info 😏😏😏

2,541 Likes, 18 Comments – Babbu 🤙🏾 (@babbuthepainter) on Instagram: “🌶️BABBU ADDING SOME SPICE IN YOUR LIFE🌶️ . . Custom hand painted jacked for the August issue of…”

The twenty-something Babneet Lakhesar a.k.a Babbu likes to target the baseless stereotypes surrounding the lives of Asian women, mainly Indian, with her ideas. Indian women are often called names because of their clothing choices, for being ambitious, and for not giving in the patriarchy. Babbu’s ultra-cool feminist work is a reminder to such females to be themselves amidst all the judgment and keep on rollin’.

As she told IWB, “I started drawing about gender politics after I noticed what was happening in the society. I personally grew up in a progressive household. But because I am a woman, we aren’t put on the same platform as men in the society. I wanted to show people what it is to be a woman, what it is to have our skin tone being South Asians and how it affects us.”

Apart from being a fabulous illustrator, Babbu is also a kickass makeup artist. With every artwork of hers, she strongly promotes body-positivity and self-love among her followers. There are times when she posts pictures of her curvy body to show what a ‘real skin’ looks like. Like the other day when she confidently posed to display her stretch marks, au naturel.

The rug is fake. Stop yelling at me! #badbeti

2,644 Likes, 43 Comments – Babbu 🤙🏾 (@babbuthepainter) on Instagram: “The rug is fake. Stop yelling at me! #badbeti”

The act of self-love, too, needs a lot of courage. Way to go, Babbu, you are our favorite!

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