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Androgynous Model Amit Dey On Dealing With Haters And Asking His Sisters To Help With Bikini Shoots

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  •  February 24, 2018

Besides being an androgynous model, Kolkata-based Amit Bittoo Dey is also a chameleon. Once you’ve seen him donning an ultra-glam look wearing dramatic hair wigs, it might be difficult for you to recognise him without one.

His pictures speak clearly of his childhood passion of modeling and expressing himself through the form of art. “The creative and unconventional ideas that I put forward through my shoots is my passion, something I have always wanted to do. Dress up and convey my thoughts,” said Amit whose voice while saying this couldn’t hide his love for it.

Remarks like “mardon ke naam pe kalank” haven’t been able to stop him from doing what he does. He said, “My life is clear. I am very comfortable with femininity and I like the aesthetics of a woman’s appearance. But that doesn’t mean I am a woman. I enjoy dressing up as a man equally.” 

Once a stage phobic, Amit is now a confident person who has his destination clear in front of his eyes. Determined. ambitious, and frank, I could sense his honesty towards his work in our conversation.

Read through our conversation below to believe my words:

So, Amit, how has life been living inside and outside the closet?

As a child I always liked dressing up like girls, dancing to Bollywood songs and because I grew up with two elder sisters, I used to follow in their footsteps. My sisters used to dress me up as a dulhan while the neighbor wala ladka used to be my dulha. My family never judged or criticised me for that. So, I used to dream that the future is only going to be better. Phir main bada ho gaya and the reality was different. On learning of my androgynous appearance and open sexuality, there was a bit of reluctance in the family. But with the series going viral and gaining popularity, I slowly received acceptance and support ­­­­­­­­­­­­- in and outside the family.

Amit Bittoo Dey

How has the journey been after exploring your open sexuality and your passion?

Finding androgynous modeling is like finding my solace. The creative and unconventional ideas that I put forward through my shoots is my passion, something I have always wanted to do – dress up and convey my thoughts. But in the journey, of course, I have met people who are judgemental and single-sighted.

If somebody sees a guy wearing a wig or a lipstick, he instantly first receives derogatory and cheap comments. And, then there are guys who during shows take our appearance as an open invitation and approach by giving signals like licking ears, touching and twisting waists.

When we asked him about his current relationship, he said after being in unsuccessful relationships with a girl and a guy he now just wants to focus on his career. 

Then how do you strike a balance of the femininity and masculinity IRL, once the cameras shut and studio lights go off?

My life is clear. I am very comfortable with femininity. And I like the aesthetics of a woman’s appearance. But that doesn’t mean I am a woman. I enjoy dressing up as a man equally. Since childhood, whenever I have cross-dressed, for that moment main apne aap mein rehta hoon.

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160 Likes, 7 Comments – Amit Bittoo Dey (@amitbittoodey) on Instagram: “#lolpost #thebothofme #transform #beauty #fashion #androgynous #androgynypalette #selfie…”

At home, off-the-camera, I am a “normal”, quintessential guy.

Being open about gender, sexuality, and adopting an unconventional life, is there a fear that you’re living with at the moment?

What I fear is being attacked for the unconventional lifestyle that I have chosen. Often I have heard the remark “mardon ke naam pe kalank” from people. When a big movie got protested and a leading actress was threatened to be killed, the fear in me grew more because I have gone outside the set norms. I can be attacked too. And there will be nobody to protect me.

What I really desire at the moment is ki main openly reh sakoon. Where I don’t have to explain what and why I am doing what I do.

Speaking of which, have you experienced violence for the path you’ve chosen?

Not yet. Whenever I shoot on the street, the crowd gathers and passes bad comments which I laugh at. Besides that, it has been smooth till now.

A shoot of yours that connects with you?

Gender less love

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My series ‘To his coy mistress’ is what I connect with. It depicts the dual lives and struggles of the LGBTQ community in India.

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

The truth is I have never followed anyone, so I have no role model as such. I have always believed in self-competition. I want to create trends though. Like the next shoot that I want to work on will be something around a peacock. A bird, who as a male, is so beautiful that even a girl’s beauty is compared to his.

Amit Bittoo Dey

How is the fashion relationship with your sisters now? Do you still borrow clothes from them?

Haha. No, it’s actually the other way round now. It’s them who borrow clothes and accessories from me. If you ask about our personal relationship, that is very open and strong. Whenever I need help with my bikini shoots, I frankly ask them to help me to shop.

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110 Likes, 3 Comments – Amit Bittoo Dey (@amitbittoodey) on Instagram: “Bikini? Bring it on ! #sikkim #lowtemperature #androgynypalette #androgynous #fashionmodel…”

Sibling love forever. What is your tip on the best way to style spring/summer 2018 look?

The best way is to keep it casual, relaxed, and not problematic. Wear cotton trousers or jeans with a simple T-shirt.

That is quite basic and classic! But if we talk about your shoot looks, they are quite experimental. And the showstopper is the unique accessories.

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That’s what I plan to do to-to keep it unique. You know how it’s said, “thankful for all of those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself,” this is exactly what happened with me. Every time I contacted a designer to lend me their stuff for a shoot, nobody gave me and always demanded an amount. So, the next logical step for me to do was to prepare everything on my own. And all those things with safety pins and pipes happened spontaneously. The idea was always to create something that looks unique, is sustainable yet cheap.

What is your way of achieving body positivity and your words of motivation for others?

My height is 5’6”, short for a guy attempting a chance in the modeling field. I am dark in complexion for which I was bullied for a long time. But now people like me for the same things because I worked on what I have with confidence. Everybody should have their comfort zone. If you’re ever planning to bring a change in your body shape, remember to only do it for yourself. To bring positivity for yourself.

Amit Bittoo Dey

Wrapping up, what are you currently working on?

I am currently focusing on my body. To eat the right diet and maintain a lean and balanced body which can pull off both bikini and tuxedo.

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