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Self-reflection is about Self-love

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  •  November 8, 2014


We read so many online articles, magazines or listen to religious speeches on how to become a better human being. Just by being respectful and compassionate for others won’t help. The only way to capture the right rhythm of life is self-love. Because until you don’t love yourself and isn’t happy from within, you will not be able to share it further!

Below are 2 steps to fall in love with your own self:

A)    Self-reflection – Check what you feel, and to know it, remind yourself of all those things that went wrong along with every happy thing.

  1. Find the reason behind – reason behind every happiness and sadness. Is it about your life in general or you being hurt by someone.
  2. Finding a quiet place – Spend this time alone somewhere where no one can possibly hear you. Have a pen and paper to map out your thoughts.
  3. Talk to yourself – No one is judging you. It is just that you are thinking aloud.
  4. Breathe – Inhale and exhale as many times as you want. For every breathing, say something out, i.e, I’ve done well, etc.
  5. Pour out your emotions – Cry if you want to. The point is to lighten the heart and may be, reach the root of the problem.
  6. Appreciate – Thank your life for the happy days and good people around. This will not only rejuvenate you but will help you realize that the problems can be easily to overcome by happiness.

B)    Putting Self-reflection into action – this may include changing any habit of yours or starting a dialogue with someone, etc. Gandhi said – ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ If you complain about a certain person not talking to you politely or being rude, it is probably because you are treating yourself the same way. Ask yourself – ‘Do I respect myself, my choices, the way I am living my life?’ If no, then better bring this change in you.

Immediately you will notice the change outside – that is in the people around you. Also, if it is about talking to someone about how their one mistake is harming you, it’s good to be courageous to speak. Being quite will only lead to frustration and later, self-guilt. Further, this will cause disrespecting the self by saying things like – ‘I am a coward who has no control over his/her own life.’ If you have already reached this stage, its high-time to lend a hand…to your inner soul.

Just an easy tip: Every morning, tell yourself – ‘I am beautiful and there is nothing in this universe that can affect my happiness. I love myself and respect my life just like I tend to respect others around me.’

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