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  •  March 25, 2014

A few years back in India people would not prefer giving women folk keys of their cars besides for a joy ride – and the thought of Women Racing in their vehicles was a nightmare for the most. But today, with the First Car and Bike Racing Champion of India, Alisha Abdullah, the new fraternity of Women car racers throughout India are coming out of their kitchens and kids to speed their way towards change and empowerment.

Jaipur Women Blog talked to a few of Jaipur’s very own Car Racers who, when whiz in their cars, leave people aghast and surprised, seeing women taking over one more male-dominated field:

Lalita Kuchhal

After doing her fashion designing from NIFT, she started up her own boutique so that she could pursue her dream, but that was not all she wanted for herself.

With this idea Lalita emerged as the Jaipur’s first woman Builder with no strings attached either to her husband or to any other member of family. As she shares herself,  for setting up the company her husband’s trust, motivation from son and her zeal blended together and resulted in “L.A Realtors”.


She wanted to convey message to all the women that there is nothing in the world that women can’t do.  Her desire to explore herself and throw herself for new challenges and her fondness for Motor Sports resulted in being winner of many car rally championships. She was a Winner in Royal Rajasthan Rally (Thar Motor’s Part), and Winner in Taj Royal Agra.  She also makes routs for car rally organized by AWE Club. This International Woman’s Day, Lalita was awarded the Trophy by Diya Kumari for winning the Car Rally and creating awareness for the cause ‘Save a Girl Child’.

JWB:  What brought you in the field of Motorsports?

Lalita: I was never playing dolls, like other girls. I have been interested in cars since my childhood. And after marriage, I just actualized my passion.

JWB: What were the initial responses of family when you decided to enter the Car Race for the first time?

Lalita: My husband and son encouraged me. I was nervous when I participated for the first time. My in-laws were a bit skeptical, but today they are proud of me.

JWB: What has been your favorite race for now?

Lalita: My 2nd TharMotor race from Jaipur to Mandawa, we got confused in the route there. I had to cross Watery pitch which was extremely difficult. I crossed it in a single shot. Everyone was stunned, and I was proud.

JWB: Have you ever got nervous during a race?

Lalita: I am nervous only when I take part in races with Time Speed and Distance Limitations. I am looking out for TC check points more anxiously than the Navigator, as there is a penalty for it.

tn_Lalita 2

JWB: How would you like to pursue car race further as a Sport, Hobby, Social Activity or Fun?

Lalita: Just for fun, as I really enjoy it.

JWB: How are Women Car Rallies/Races helpful for women community?

Lalita: When we participate in races neck to neck with male counterparts, it makes us realize the importance of women empowerment. When a driver makes a mistake it is often taken that the driver is a female. These races prove it wrong, and it gives us confidence.

JWB: Do you feel there is discrimination in this field too for Female Drivers ?

Lalita: No, I have never felt.  And yes, I know that at such races there are volunteers to especially help female drivers. But still the discrimination is not there in this field.

JWB: Any message for readers of JWB?

Lalita: Nothing is impossible for women. Females are compared with “Vasundhra-Mother Nature”. So I believe that every Woman has the ultimate strength and is as strong as the Mother Nature.

Ruby Khan

She is Mrs. Jaipur 2004, Human Rights Activist, State Level Prize winning Writer and budding Journalist. She finds her reward in smiles of her Medical Camp patients when they get treated and shower her with their blessings. She finds Peace when she visits the Old Age home of “Avedna” and spends time with the aged members of our society whom their families have forgotten. She finds her true calling in the adrenalin gushing Car Races with dust storms left behind and engines thundering in full throttle. Starting her Motorsport endeavors with Women on Wheels to the Raging Thar Blaze de Rajasthan and winning in AWE’s 3rd women Car Rally, her journey has just begun.


JWB: What brought you in the field of Motorsports?

Ruby: My Husband is the sole person who gets the credit for training me to drive a car and introducing me into the male-dominated world of Motorsports. And whenever I get nervous during my training, he gets more determined. 11 years back, being a Muslim lady, people were initially skeptical of me driving a car. But my love for Driving, speed and my husband’s motivation brought me into the full throttled world of racing.

JWB: What were the initial responses of family when you decided to enter a Car race for the first time?

Ruby: My family and In-laws were shocked to know that I had participated in a car race and raced throughout the city in my Maruti 800 (my first car).

JWB: What has been your favorite race for now?

Ruby: Blaze De Rajasthan by Thar Motorsports has been my most exciting race, and 3rd Women car Rally by AWE (Association of Women Entrepreneurs) has been the most memorable one as I was the winner in it.


JWB: Have you ever got nervous during a race?

Ruby: Yes, once. In Blaze de Rajasthan Race at a point we had to take a sharp turn. I reached at the end of a hill where it descended in a approx. 15feet deep valley that further went up to 40-45 feet deep on the right, and on the left it only had width in breadth of 14-16 feet. We had to put our huge Tata Safari into that trench, and when it was ready to take the plunge, my heartbeat was racing…..despite all the brakes the car banged with full force on the stones and literally dragged with its own weight downhill. My co-racers say it was the most dangerous point of the race and crossing it without any damage to the vehicle was an accomplishment. I will never forget it. It was a thrill par excellence and imagination.

JWB: How would you like to pursue Car Racing further as a Sport, Hobby, Social Activity or Fun?

Ruby: I would love to pursue Motorsports as my Hobby. It is a great way to spread social messages,and I have loads of Fun in it too.

JWB: How do you feel Women Car Rallies/Races are helpful for women community?

Ruby: When women participate in Car rallies and drive through the cities and on the outskirts, they spread a basic message to the society that women are not the weaker sex anymore, they are at par with their male counterparts in every field whether on road or off-road.

JWB: Do you feel there is a discrimination in this field too for Female Drivers?

Ruby: In day to day life, yes. People are still not ready to accept that women can be good drivers especially with SUV’s. Still people assume small cars suit women. When I decided to get myself a Tata Safari 5 years back, everyone was like –“Women do not drive cars like Safari, small cars are more manageable”,  but again the credit goes to my husband who stood up for my choice, – and we went straight to Thar in our Brand new Safari. Discrimination in the World of Motorsports -No, there are only 3 “S” of Success  – Skill, Spirit and Speed.

JWB:  Any message for the readers of JWB?

Ruby: Believe in your dreams, sharpen your skills with confidence and fill your heart with empathy and humanity. The world is waiting for you with success and happiness.

Sunita Mehra

Born in a Lt. Colonel’s home, the life for Mrs. Sunita Mehra was always disciplined. A graduate of English Literature, PG in Business Management from Symbiosis & a Diploma in Export Management, she held the very knowledge to catch hold of a good job. With a total career span of 21 years where she had been a part of few top Indian-International schools & MNCs, she decided to join a social body called ‘Animal Welfare Board of India’.

Sunita had also quite an active athletic life since her youth. To add to her sport fame, she has been a part of the National Level Athlete 100 Meters Race Competition, 1979, & grabbed the 4th rank. She is also an acknowledged golfer with many trophies in hands and a fearless Motorcars racer.

sunita 2

JWB: What brought you in the field of Motorsports?

Sunita: I love sports like Golf, Swimming, Racing etc. My interest in Car Racing & my husband’s support made me participate in a race with a blind navigator and achieved position in the top 10. In this race I have broadened my view towards blind people.

JWB: What were the initial responses of family when you decided to enter a Car race for the first time?

Sunita: They were very happy as they wanted their Daughter in-law to achieve success. My husband is my pillar of strength that guided me and stood by me in each of my decisions.

JWB: Which has been your favorite race till now?

Sunita: It is the one where I was navigated by the blind navigator. I developed a great rapport with my navigator. Responsibilities were given to us to take care of them, and they guided us with their Brail Guide Map. I have learnt the new level of trust which goes beyond physical parameters. I was excited and humbled at the same time as at that moment, they were our eyes.

JWB: How would you like to pursue car race further as a Sport, Hobby, Social Activity or Fun?

Sunita: I’m very enthusiastic and I try to give my 100% in everything I  to do – let it be a rally, or home, or my animal welfare. I enjoy it and also believe that these races are a very good medium of spreading social messages.


JWB: How do you feel Women Car Rallies/Races are helpful for women community?

Sunita: If you include fun in your life, you’ll do it better. I loved sports and that’s why I took up badminton, Kho-Kho, 100 meters heat athletics up to the state and national level championships. These women rallies are also important to convey social message through them too like the one with Blind People or Saving the Girl Child etc.

JWB: Do you feel there is discrimination in this field too for Female Drivers?

Sunita: No, in the Rally of Women’s Day, 60 women participated – and it pleases me that women are coming out and showing their skills, abilities and confidence.

JWB: Any message for the readers of JWB?

Sunita: Whatever work we take up, we should do it with enthusiasm, transparency and will to help others. The society will change for the better.


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