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Komal Panwar

Blogger & Singer

Bridal Diary Page 1: This Is Why I Decided To Become India’s First ‘Baraati Bride’

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  •  July 14, 2017


February 1, 2017

Strange feelings. Today, mom didn’t want me to do anything. She just thought that it was best for me to “relax.” But, how could I relax? A lot was “cooking” at home. There was paneer, dal makhani, malai kofta and what not?! Today, my boyfriend was going to turn into my fiancé.

Sounded strange, right? While I was getting ready, my entire new-family-to-be was waiting for me in another room. My heart was racing. I suddenly felt like a stranger in my own home. My parents started looking at me as if I was going to die! It was so funny! I could hear giggles and dampened sounds from outside. Any moment, mom would ask me to come out and join everyone else.

Was my dupatta alright? The next 3 hours passed ridiculously fast. I would be lying if I said I remember the details because I don’t.

February 2, 2017               

Why was everything so different? Was this home going to be just a place I’d visit once-in-a-while, soon? I felt like there was a ticking clock constantly reminding me that my home of 26 years wasn’t home anymore! What should I do? What?


Is that how every bride-to-be feels? Because honestly no one ever told me about those feelings?! I knew for a fact that I couldn’t contain so many emotions and also sleep peacefully. I picked up my guitar and strummed those feelings. And, Baraati Bride was born.

July 1, 2017

Today, we were doing a poster shoot for Baraati Bride. I probably looked calm but was f*cking scared. My heart was fluttering, I’d never faced the camera this way, before. For some reason, I was anxious. Even though we knew exactly what we were going to do, it was scary.img_1

Makeup Artist Arneeb had arrived and could read my nervous expressions. “You need to relax,” she said. “It will be brilliant.” Arneeb probably understood the feeling and advised me against looking at the mirror until it was done! I almost wanted to run away and not shoot this!

While all of this was happening, I was also trying to coordinate to make sure that the jewelry and Kishori’s Lehenga were in place. The team of photographers, Pallav, Chhaveesh, and video editor Hari are setting their camera angles.img_2

Lady Boss Ana was giving instructions to our boys about the props, and how we had to collectively take special care of the equipment. I clutched on to my brand new microphone. It was time to walk towards the location.

Something was strange. People were looking at me. I still hadn’t looked into the mirror. My lehenga was shining against the warm sunlight. I will be honest, it felt like an honest rehearsal for my wedding. Passersby were at me, and I felt like the Roka scenario was back. The band waited outside.

It was time for me to take the lead.

July 14, 2017

Today, the heart is fluttering, again. As we make way for the release of the concept, we are gearing up, because something really great is about to happen.collage

Baraati Bride is being revealed as a combination of love, confusion, an abrupt rise and fall of anxiety, and most importantly, the feeling of a bride-to-be, that bride could be you, could be me.

The Baraati Bride takes control of her life and leads her baraat. Because change doesn’t seem scary if you lead the song of your life.

Photo Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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