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Your New Sanitary Napkin Bags Are Ready! Here’s The First Look!

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  •  March 6, 2016


Ever since our campaign Bloody Black Bag has come to life, I have waited with bated breath to see the brand new version of the sanitary napkin bag that will replace the black thelis. After all, the prospect of seeing our period buddies in colorful vibrant shades is delightful! 

Which is why I was super excited to visit Kishori Jaipur, yesterday. They are the ones manufacturing these new bags, remember? Also, do you remember the two designs designed by students of Pearl Academy, that went ahead for production?


We the JWB cadets went down to the basement area of the Kishori Jaipur showroom, and on our way, we were gawking at the myriad of colors all around.

Just then, Mrs. Ankita greeted us and ushered us into the Chamber of Secrets which safeguarded the not so bloody, and not at all black, bags. 
IMG_8867That’s how your new SHE bag looks!


Longing for more? Here’s the fabric version of another design. Let’s have some drum-roll, please?


From International Women’s Day (i.e. 8th March) onward, sanitary napkins will be sold in these potli bags at select pharmacy stores of the city. Aren’t they cute?

Here’s Kishori staff counting and arranging the bags in neat piles.


And here’s our cadet loading the bundle in our shuttle.



This particular shade up here is my fave! Tell me about yours when you get this for yourself. We are soon going to announce the stores where these will be available! Stay glued!

And psst! Happy sanitary shopping to you!

PS: Hey you black thelis! Are you crippling already? Worry no more. Thou shall soon rest in peace! Bwahahaha!

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