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Which Of These 16 Cuddling Positions Will You Try Tonight?

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  •  April 24, 2017


Having a bad day? Cuddle at night with your loved one and you’ll see the difference in your mood!

Cuddling may look incredibly simple but if you go into details, there are many things that you can get from a good cuddle. Apart from many health benefits like boosted immune system, reduced stress, etc., it’s a great way to bond with a person. And, no sir! Cuddling is not just for lovers! You can cuddle with your bae, your sister, and other people, too. Of course, not all positions of cuddling and only if the other one is ready for a cuddle, too. LOL!

Most people know only one or two positions of cuddling, Spooning being the most common. But there’s so much more to cuddling than just spooning. You can cuddle with as much or as little body contact as you’d like.

Refinery29 has crafted 16 cuddling positions to try with a romantic partner or a friend. Check them out and let us know your favorite of them (And, which one will you be trying tonight. LOL!):


The Mountain Climber

One person sprawls on the other like Spiderman scaling a skyscraper. This is also a great opportunity to scream, “Please don’t ever leave me!” image1


The Rom-Com Caress

One of you lays on the other with your head on their chest. This one’s ideal for intense conversations without eye contact and old-fashioned cigarettes-after-sex movie scenes.



The One-Night Stand
A light, non-committal “thanks for a good time” embrace, because after all, you did just put your parts in each other’s parts.



The Tanning Twosome
Soak up some z’s in this very chill pose. Even better if you have some glow-in-the-dark star stickers on the ceiling to make it feel like camping.



The Standard Spoon

A traditional scoop-from-the-back embrace — it’s cozy, it’s comforting, it’s a classic.


The “I Still Love You”

This is a simple toe-touch — because you’re claustrophobic, or it’s too hot to get wrapped in sweaty skin.



The Be-Careful-Of-The-Baby

For this one, you’ve got a newborn between you and your partner — who will hopefully sleep through the night. (Yeah, right.)



The Teaspoon & Ladle

This one is like spooning, except one of you is a very tall person and the other is a much shorter person.



The Air-Mattress Mess

This one is somewhat of a forced cuddle that occurs when the air seeps out of your air mattress and you both sink to the middle.



The Escape

This one’s for when a bed hog causes one of you to hang on for dear life on the mattress edge.



The Threesome Touch

You plus two other hotties after the best night of your life.



The Buddy-Comedy Pose

This butt-to-butt is a favorite among mouth breathers, couples who have been together too long.



The Walking-Down-The-Aisle Embrace

This one’s great for being arm-in-arm with bae while still taking care of your back.



The Hard-On Hug

You know, when one of you has a sleep boner and the other one is trying to avoid it.



The Winter Snuggle

Two words: body heat.



The Teamwork Tangle

When you need a little space but still want to feel like a power couple.



Illustrations by Paola Delluca/ Refinery29

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