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When Entire Family Stand as a Sugar pot…

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  •  November 19, 2014


In association with Baidyanath Chyawanprash Sugarfree Chyawan Vit, we welcome you to our on-going campaign ‘Stand as a Sugar Pot’ launched to help diabetic women attain victory over daily diabetic issues.

Since a diabetic woman has to tackle household work and in some cases, even workplace; it becomes difficult for her to take care of her health. At this time it becomes crucial for the family to back her with love and care.

The family can prove to be destructive for a diabetic woman in her quest to fight diabetes. To let family members understand the importance of their contribution towards the issue, Baidyanath Chyawanprash Sugarfree Chyawan Vit have chosen 7 diabetic Jaipur women and their family members who will be given white sugar pots (signifying our ‘Stand as a Sugar Pot’ campaign). The family members will then have to color the sugar-pot in their own creative ways to display their input for making the diabetic lady win over diabetes every day.


Today let us talk about how family members can support a diabetic woman in their home.

Excess food is not equal to excess love

While mommy treats you with yummy pastries, pizzas, samosa, kachoris, etc, don’t invite to share your feast with her. Best of all, it is for all the family to switch to the healthier diet and support Mom dearest.

Cook for her

This might mean making diabetes-friendly adjustments to favorite recipes and trying new dishes. Think of your kitchen as a test kitchen and have some family fun with it.

Be active together

Take out 30 minutes for her. Take her for a walk or do some yoga at home with her. She might be ignoring physical exercise for quite long because it bores her doing it alone. Together going for walking, hiking, biking, or dancing can be fun.

Become their alarms

Keep reminding them of checking their blood pressure and sugar regularly throughout the day. If you are working and are out of home, leave notes on kitchen walls or drop her SMS.

Teach them about diabetes and hypoglycemia

Help diabetic women of your family understand factors that contribute to diabetes and how it is managed and treated. Family members need to know the signs and symptoms, and how to respond to them.

Handling emotional issues

Women are less confident in handling diabetic issues. Along with managing family and work, they may become anxious and depressive. Be with them and make things lighter for them.


Share a Spoon of Love Daily

Feed your Mom with one spoon of Baidyanath Chyawanprash Sugarfree Chyawan Vit twice a day to strengthen immune system, maintain food absorption, fortify the eyesight, nourish her nervous system and keep her spirits up.

We hope this article will help you manage diabetes of a woman at home more easily. Share more tips with us!

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