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“What If I’m Not My Victim’s Story,” Calls Out Zainab Salbi’s Poem To Every Woman

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  •  March 22, 2017

Some souls just can’t see anyone in misery. They go out of the box and help people in their blues. Not that they are benefited every time with such an effort, but they are definitely filled with the immense satisfaction.

An epitome of such a spirit is Zainab Salbi, the founder of Women for Women. She has been working to uplift women in various countries for over two decades. She has employed and helped marginalized women from countries affected by war. These women have been a power source for Salbi to keep her journey towards the empowerment going.

Illustrating the fortitude of these women, Salbi has penned down a powerful poem that is a part of her book, If You Knew Me You Would Care. The poem reads:

What if I’m not sadness?

What if I’m not grief?

What if I’m not my victim’s story,

Nor am I my pain?


What if they are all part of me,

But not fully me?

What if I am just me?


What if I’m joy without reason,

Happiness in all seasons?

What if I am love for all?

What if I laugh for no reason and all reasons?

What if they are all part of me?


What if I don’t hate my enemy?

What if I forgive?

What if I see without judgment,

Love without reasons?

What if I give and receive without worry?

What if I can be all, and still be me?


What if this is it?

What if this is perfect?

What if I don’t doubt?

What if I just believe?


How would life be if I let it be?

How would I be if I accept fully me?

What will I be if today I am free?

What if this is the new story?

Salbi has collaborated with renowned photographer Rennio Maifredi for her book If You Knew Me You Would Care. In this video from “SuperSoul Sunday,” Salbi is reading aloud the poem, against the backdrop of Maifredi’s high-voltage portraits.

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