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Watch These 10 Feminist Movies To Inspire The Alpha-Woman Inside You

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  •  January 30, 2016


I’m sure we ALL love movies.

The reason why I love movies is that they always have had the power to bring my long forgotten emotions, right back on the surface. Some movies make you laugh, but then there are some movies which force your alpha-women alter-ego to show its naked face to the world.

These films do not have damsels in distress being saved by their knights in shining armor. They save themselves.

So, if you need a heavy dosage of some inspiration for kicking some arse in the real world, take some time out for yourself and bury yourself chin-deep in these powerful feminist movies, featuring badass women:

(I ain’t telling you what they’re about! You gotta find it yourself, woman.)

  1. Thelma and Louise (1991)top_feminist_movies_of_all_times_47866051.jpg_resized_552
  2. Frida (2002)top_feminist_movies_of_all_times_404628357.jpg_resized_552
  3. Erin Brockovich (2000)top_feminist_movies_of_all_times_185225422.jpg_resized_552
  4. Brave (2012)top_feminist_movies_of_all_times_188667444.jpg_resized_552
  5. AMÉLIE (2001)top_feminist_movies_of_all_times_751403033.jpg_resized_552
  6. The Colour Purple (1985)top_feminist_movies_of_all_times_787224111.jpg_resized_552
  7. MOOLAADÉ ( 2004 )top_feminist_movies_of_all_times_1905475019.jpg_resized_552
  8. The Queen ( 2006 )top_feminist_movies_of_all_times_1049668394.jpg_resized_552
  9. Frozen (2013)top_feminist_movies_of_all_times_616914592.jpg_resized_552
  10. G.I Jane (1997)top_feminist_movies_of_all_times_1084125180.png_resized_552

So, are you ready to veg out in front of your computer screens?

Source: Women’s Rights News

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