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Up, Close, And Personal With Musician Kavya Trehan, Who Is A Woman Of Many Talents

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  •  July 13, 2019

You saw 26-year-old Kavya Trehan in music videos, fashion magazines, movies, making creative waves backstage as a producer and art director. 

Her Instagram page chronicles her daily looks, which swing from casual to glamorous, her personal and professional life, the whereabouts of her cat, and many moods of a creative Kavya.

In a candid conversation with Kavya, she plays for us the rhythms of her amazing life.

Read excerpts:

Talk about your multi-faceted creative life. 

Being in fashion and art, being a producer, being an actor, all of these fields are co-related that form a strong string of experiences to become an all-round musician.

Although I have always had a strong interest in fashion, I began modeling because I needed to fund my music. It is an expensive field. I got into music production because I am a control freak. I have learned well how to prioritize.

Your instagram is a fashionable delight! How would you define your style? 

I would define my style as eclectic, comfortable, anti-trend, and very experimental. It’s either minimal or maximum. There is absolutely nothing grey; it’s all black and white.

Oh hey @callitspring Photographed by @mathieufortin 🌈 #callitspring #summer #shoot #losangeles

1,927 Likes, 11 Comments – Kavya Trehan (@kavyatrehan) on Instagram: “Oh hey @callitspring Photographed by @mathieufortin 🌈 #callitspring #summer #shoot #losangeles”

Throwback to that L.A. spring. Clicked by @xshawnthomas #LosAngeles

1,977 Likes, 8 Comments – Kavya Trehan (@kavyatrehan) on Instagram: “Throwback to that L.A. spring. Clicked by @xshawnthomas #LosAngeles”

You were also listed in GQ’s Best Dressed list. Kavya, how would you define ‘BEST DRESSED’ for urban India? Also, any fashion rules to share?

For me, ‘Best Dressed’ is someone who is unapologetic in expressing oneself.

Umm, fashion rules. I would definitely suggest to wear a right underwear. Visible panty lines are a big no-no. Another would be dress to impress but, firstly, impress yourself. I am into a selfish lifestyle.

Your social media is so well-managed. Is there a strategy that you follow?

What I upload on Instagram is an expression of how important aesthetics and attention to the core of details are to me. And, I am no influencer.

I always follow a specific format when it comes to posts and I do maintain consistency of uploading at a particular hour.

What role does your mom play in your creative journey?

She is the most brutal reviewing system. So honest. And who will she please? I am her daughter!

She is a single parent, whom I dearly call Mapa. When I see mom’s life and how much she had been through, I wonder where she is taking all this hope from; she is always so full of life. No pity, no whine, just pure dynamic.


Practicing my death stare since 1994. Happy Father’s Day my Mapa @sangie_kk Love, Golu & Gugloo #father’sday #mom #mapa #buddhagarden #1994 #delhi

958 Likes, 17 Comments – Kavya Trehan (@kavyatrehan) on Instagram: “Practicing my death stare since 1994. Happy Father’s Day my Mapa @sangie_kk Love, Golu & Gugloo…”

She is a great listener, a great motivator, a constant supporter, who is present at every event of my life.

Kavya Trehan img_4

So wonderful! We absolutely love your portrait shot by Avani Rai. 

Oh, that picture actually has an impromptu story behind it. Avani and I have known each other since we were three or four So, we hadn’t met for long, and one day I called her home. She wanted to try something she had recently learned, and I became an obedient muse.

Azalea. Photographed by @avani.rai #blackandwhite

549 Likes, 3 Comments – Kavya Trehan (@kavyatrehan) on Instagram: “Azalea. Photographed by @avani.rai #blackandwhite”

Before we sign off, who is the musician you look up to?

I look up to Sanaya Ardeshir. She is a musician/pianist. Her vigor in making music is amazing, and she is constantly reinventing.

Kavya Trehan

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