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Twitter-Dialogue With ‘Nyaaya’ On Decoding & Simplifying Indian Laws Around #StreetHarassment

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  •  August 30, 2018

Earlier this month we launched our campaign, Vocal Streets, with an aim to provide a platform to the women of Jaipur to share their stories of street harassment. We took on the streets with Jaipur Police Force, and together we marched singing aloud our message to reclaim the streets of Jaipur for our womenfolk. The ultimate goal being to raise awareness about street harassment and laws pertaining to it, and to help inculcate a sense of confidence in the women.

As a part of the campaign, we visited colleges and interacted with the women students, and after an extensive research, polls and personal interactions, marked the most unsafe streets of Jaipur, and raised our battle cry against them – we visited these places with the Jaipur Police Band and sang a song of empowerment (the ‘Vocal Street’ anthem), both literal and metaphorical.

Now a step ahead, IWB aims to create awareness about unsafe areas in cities across India! As a step towards which, today we held a twitter-dialogue with Nyaaya, a body that is working towards providing clear, actionable information about Indian laws in simple language, to discuss with them how Indian streets can be made safe, and sought an understanding of the laws in our favour. Follow #VocalStreets for more!

Here are the excerpts of our chat with  on decoding and simplifying the harassment laws:

On ‘Why is there even a need to simplify the laws’:

They further said, “The need for simplifying is there because most people cannot access the law because i) they are not literate ii) it isn’t in the language they can read/write.”

On Street Harassment Laws: 

Nyaaya on Twitter

@indianwomenblog Indian law covers a range of sexual offenses against women: The Indian Penal Code deals with crimes of harassment, stalking, eve-teasing, rape, assault physically and online. The Information Technology Act also has provisions to protect women from online abuse.

They also informed about The Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Act, 2013 that deals with laws related to sexual harassment at the workplace. “This law was enacted to specifically protect working women from harassment. Domestic help, consultants, students, teachers all are protected under this law. ”

For more information, check the link below:

Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

When someone at a place of work behaves in a sexual way towards women and it is unwanted, offensive, threatening, or humiliating, it is seen as a form of harassment. Indian law protects women from both men and women who ask for or demand anything sexual at work.

On ‘the misinterpretation of the laws and how it is abused by the system’ :

Nyaaya on Twitter

@indianwomenblog An example of abuse by the system is when police do not accept FIRs when filed in their police station. The law states that the police should note down any FIR filed irrespective of if the crime was committed in their jurisdiction. This usually does not happen.

On how the above situation can be challenged within legal framework:

Nyaaya on Twitter

@indianwomenblog This is a question of awareness. If people are aware they are allowed to file an FIR with any police they will insist to do the same. However, you can go to the Superintendent of Police or the Magistrate directly.

Further your knowledge on FIR here: 

First Information Report (FIR)

First Information Report(FIR) is written document prepared by police when they receive information about any criminal offence. It’s generally a complaint lodged by the victim of a cognizable offence or by someone on their behalf and sets the process of criminal justice in motion.

On ‘laws that women can actually question/confront the police officer while filing a report if something/someone is out of line and the women feel threatened/unsafe’: 

Nyaaya on Twitter

@indianwomenblog General laws against sexual harassment apply in this case. There are no specific laws to protect women who are not being taken seriously/harassed by the police. The woman can approach a senior officer/magistrate if the police is behaving out of line with her.

“She can also call the Central Social Welfare Board- Police Helpline at 1091/1291. The list of helpline numbers

On ‘laws that protect the women from threats’:

Nyaaya on Twitter

@indianwomenblog If you have watched Pink you will remember that @taapsee was threatened/blackmailed and harassed for filing a police complaint. If this happens to you in real life here’s what you can do:

They also said, “You can complain in the Court through your lawyer for “criminal intimidation”. Usually for such blackmail and intimidation, the court can prosecute the offenders under section 506 of the IPC for a crime known as “criminal intimidation”. Such information gives courage to the women to take strides in the right direction and taking control of the situation and their lives.”

On ‘How anti-harassment laws protect the + community’:

Nyaaya on Twitter

@indianwomenblog Section 377 prohibits sexual relationships of the LGBTQIA community. However, they are equally protected under the law against street harassment.

Our conversation ended on the hopeful note that it will equip every woman with her rights as an equal citizen and help her make the right decision.

A big shout out to our campaign partner , and for all the support. Witness us reclaim the streets that are considered UNSAFE for women and create a safe environment for reporting.

Check out our ‘Vocal Street’ anthems, ‘Confident’ by Demi Lovato and ‘Mardani’, covered by IWB’s in-house singer Komal Panwar and powered by police force:

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