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This Women’s Day, Snapchat Taps Into The Creativity Of Six Female Visual Artists For Stickers

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  •  March 9, 2019

Instagram has your photos. Twitter has your tweets. Facebook has your… everything. But Snapchat? Snapchat has filters. Snapchat has bitmojis. Snapchat has stickers. For many people, including myself, Snapchat has become their primary camera app.

But despite its crazy filters, captions or lenses, what can one think about Snapchat? One can think of the quality of disappearing sent messages or maybe a snap with a black background. But, what if we could use it for more than that? What if we could use Snapchat as a medium to empower women?

Stickers, bitmojis, GIFs, etc. have recreated a unique form of social interaction. I think we are always going to look at this transformation and throw our hands up and claim that all of these are damn cool. Joining this parade of coolness, six creative visual artists – Tanya Eden, Sumouli Dutta, artist duo Sandhya & Chaaya Prabhat, Mira Malhotra, Parvati Pillai, and Jyotirmayee Patra – are all about celebrating women and diversity.

In collaboration with Studio Kohl India and Bakheda, they have designed some special stickers on Snapchat for International Women’s Day. “Sisterhood Zindabad”, “Be woke behan”, “Saheli Swag” and “Naari Shakti” are some of the quirky, super uplifting and hilariously stickers for women out there.

Tanya Eden (@tanyaedenart)


Breaking the stigma regarding body hair, through her illustration, Tanya sends a message of being okay with your body hair.

Jyotirmayee Patra (@jyotirmayeepatra)


Jyotirmayee Patra not only incorporates her calligraphy into pretty prints but also features colourful and inspiring pieces.

Sandhya and Chaaya Prabhat (@sandhyaprabhat and @chaaya23)


Known for graphic designing, illustrating and lettering, artist duo, Sandhya and Chaaya Prabhat portray their art with colourful and quirky compositions.

Mira Malhotra (@mirafmalhotra)


Mira Malhotra, the founder of Studio Kohl India, making it in the world of comics and illustration. Her account promotes art and throws light on social issues.

Parvati Pillai (@parvati_pillai)


Residing in Finland, Parvati’s illustrations are loaded with contemporary art and strong empowerment messages.

Sumouli Dutta (@woodledoodledesigns)


Sumouli Dutta pictures daily life conversations with a tinge of humour and wit. The “doodle-bombed” illustrations depict serious issues with a comical aspect.

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