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This Video Tells Exactly Why We Need Sex Education In India

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  •  August 25, 2015


Disclaimer: The contents of the video may hurt your ear.

Few people are called upon by An Indian Voice to read that part of our daily newspaper where public asks queries from leading Sexperts – Sexual Health Peer Advisors.

Weird? Things will get really weird once you will see Indian senior citizens reading words like penis, sperms, masturbation, etc in the video. This was done in order to show how uneasy most of us feel with a mere mention of such words.

Our Indian society is conservative and doesn’t really entertain people who talk openly about condoms, sex, and pleasure. All of this is scandalous here. However, experts feel that such are the reasons behind the increase in sexual violence in our country.


If a child is not given complete knowledge on sex and is left curious, he will wander here and there to get his answers. Browsing internet, landing onto porn websites and asking friends seem the easiest ways to him. And once we get to know this, we are the 1st to scold him. But don’t you think it was our mistake in the first place?

Watch this hilarious video which has a strong message hidden in it:

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