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This UP Village Is A Pro At Managing Menstrual Waste

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  •  March 1, 2017


Are you ready to take charge of your periods – by becoming more hygienic and not spilling around your waste or by ensuring that someone no longer has to get troubled with it?

A small village of UP has got a perfect solution for the menstrual waste. While many people often zip their mouths when it comes to speaking openly about the menstrual cycle, people of Papna Mau has created a mud incinerator to dispose of sanitary napkins.sanitary pad incinerator

These small incinerator pots are made of mud with small holes around the body.

Explaining this canny creation, Sheela Singh, a resident of the village, told The Better India, “This remarkable small pot is lined with dried leaves and works as a low-cost incinerator into which all the menstruating females in the family throw their used sanitary pads. Once full, the waste is doused with some oil and set alight. The holes prevent a crack in the pot while letting in air. The resultant ash is then disposed of without fear of attracting undue attention.”

Another resident, Sunita Kanojia tweaked the design of incinerator to meet the need of her entire family. Since she has many female members disposing of their waste, she made it a little bigger.

sanitary pad incinerator

The women of the village keep it outside their toilet window, from where it is easily accessible, and they no longer have to hide themselves or their used napkins from people around them.

The women in Papna Mau also conduct small gatherings at centrally located Anganwadi, to share their experiences and issues about menstruation.

Men also participate in these meetups. However, they wait outside until they get their chance to share their thoughts on safe disposal. Having said that, Dinesh Kumar Yadav shared, “It took some time, but men in the village are now convinced that blaming women is not the solution. I even tell my wife to worship during her periods, but she is hesitant.”

According to existing Solid Waste Management Rules, “Every waste generator shall wrap securely the used sanitary waste like diapers, sanitary pads, etc., in the pouches provided by the manufacturers or brand owners of these products, or in a suitable wrapping material as instructed by the local authorities, and shall place the same in the bin meant for dry waste or non-biodegradable waste.”  Independent organizations have suggested adding a red mark indicating that they are a menstrual waste.

Isn’t Papna Mau’s innovative yet handy design to dispose of menstrual waste wonderful?

Well, these guys give me better hygiene goals, and I hope they do the same to you!

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