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This Raksha Bandhan, Would You Like To Shine As A ‘Rakhi Intern’ With This Solar Power Company?

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  •  August 9, 2017


Noida-based fast growing start-up MySun has a robust plan to make their other half of 2017 even more productive.

Founder Gagan Vermani spoke to IWB about the ‘Utility-plan’ where he will be procuring women interns who will receive training in the solar energy industry. The move is a part of MySun’s collaboration with IWB where the mission is to bring in extra femme-power to the male-dominated sectors in India.

Our campaign Rakhi Intern is planned around the beautiful festival of Raksha Bandhan where the male CEOs/Founders of various companies are pledging more women on board.

Read the excerpts from our conversation with Gagan Vermani.

The solar energy is cheaper than any other kind of produced energy, how come fewer women are a part of such projects? I mean, all we think throughout the day is how to save money!

I know, right? 2.5 years and we’re are still figuring out why the solar energy hasn’t met with the female energy yet! As far as MySun is concerned, we are now focusing on employing more women employees than ever. Currently, we have a ration of 5:18. We might be slow but steady, for sure!

What positions are these women at?

Most of them are in the Sales Department. Let me clarify one thing, when it comes to the marketing of solar energy, a lot of technical knowledge is needed. I am glad our women employees have set an example for others.

Do you follow interesting policies that make MySun’s working environment suitable for every gender?

We follow the regular HR guidelines as instructed by the government of India. Our main motive is to not discriminate and treat every employee equally.

Are you excited to take in female interns?

Oh yes, very much! We will probably welcome two interns, to begin with. The job-type will be decided once we meet them and understand their skills.

How do you think women can bloom in the solar energy industry and vice versa?

Women are always on a higher scale when it comes to maturity. As far as MySun is concerned, this quality will help us create space into the Indian retail market, a concept still unexplored by our competitors.

Do you have a message for your company’s future femme power?

At MySun, our aim will be to manifest the Sun inside you which will, in turn, reflect on the company’s growth.

If you’re a woman or an LGBTQ person who identifies herself as a woman and wishes to intern with MySun, write to them at You can also get in touch with us at Learn more about the company here.

PS: We’re excited to introduce you to the other companies that are a part of ‘Rakhi Intern’ campaign. Stay tuned!

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