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This Bangalore Techie Invites Women To Scale His Start-Up. Would You Be His ‘Rakhi Intern?’

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  •  August 9, 2017


On the beautiful festival of Raksha Bandhan, IWB is joining hands with male CEO/Founders who’re ready to take the responsibility and challenge the gender-differentiation existing in certain work fields like IT, construction, finances, etc.

IWB, along with these cool CEOs, is ready to question the long absence of women from the fields that are now male-governed. With the campaign ‘Rakhi Intern,’ we welcome companies to be a part of the project, as well as, the women who would like to intern with them. Let’s break the stereotypes together, shall we?

Below is our conversation with Safwan Erooth, Founder of Tridz Technologies, a Bangalore-based firm that’s currently welcoming female interns. 

I smell an interesting story behind the name.

In grade 10, one of my friends and I wanted to establish a random company and call it Tridz, something that translated to ‘three dreams’ back then. This was 10 years ago, and for some reason, the name has stuck with us.

It’s beautiful. I see so many young entrepreneurs giving shape to their childhood dreams. Are you ready to give wings to women who are kept away from the tech world?

I am pleased to be able to contribute. Currently, as a startup, we have 3 women working with us in a staff of 14 people. These three strong-headed women are our Lead Project Manager, Software Tester, and Designer. We also have 2 remote-female-employees, Accountant and Content Writer, who work from home.

That’s brilliant! Tridz seems to have quite a flexible working environment.

We’re liberal in that manner. Irrespective of the gender, if one wishes to work from home, we allow him/her with no questions asked. We follow no documented HR rules and so far, it’s going absolutely fine with us. As a start-up, we’re making sure we don’t turn into those corporates people run away from to start their own businesses.

That’s wise, Safwan. Why do you think we see less number of women in the tech-related fields?

I think the remuneration of employment in India needs a makeover. Based on our own lame perceptions, we have labeled some career choices as masculine and believe that only men can perform better in those jobs. Hence, the wage-gap that keeps women away.

Can start-ups make the situation better?

Most entrepreneurs, nowadays, are youngsters who are craving for better work and living standard. With a modern-thinking, I am assuming, we understand the concerns better than the businessmen from the previous generation. Together, we can conduct dialogues and talk about gender-equality amongst one another.

In the past 10 years, I’ve seen women participation increase marginally in the tech-world. I hope the situation gets better.

How many interns are you expecting?

At least 4 from Design and Development background.

I am going to ask you a little-biased question now. Tell me honestly; are women employees easier to work with?

Definitely! Speaking from my experience, you don’t have to keep bombarding them after you assign them a task. Be assured, the women in your team will finish it off on time. However, when it comes to men, you might have to do a few quality checks. *laughs*

If you’re a woman or an LGBTQ person who identifies herself as a female and wishes to intern with Tridz Technologies, write to them at You can also contact us at Learn more about the company here.

PS:  We’re excited to introduce you to other companies that are a part of ‘Rakhi Intern’ campaign. Stay tuned!

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