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This Answer At Miss World 2000 Shows Why Priyanka Owns The World Now

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  •  July 20, 2016


Priyanka Chopra is one of those Indian celebrities who have made our country proud internationally.

Through the years, she has widened her scope, her skills and her area of operation and now she owns the world, quite literally.

The only thing that remained constant throughout her journey, from becoming Miss World to being the worldwide sensation, now, is her confidence when speaking her mind and voicing her opinions. And, this confidence comes with the deep understanding of surroundings.

Even during the QA round for the Miss World 2000, Piggy Chops proved her intelligence quotient by giving responsible and smart answers which eventually helped her clear semi-final and final round and won her the Miss World crown.

Listen to her entire QA at 8:15.

On being asked about the pressure of being in the contest, she oh-so-coolly replied that she works best “under pressure.”

And when asked about her future, seems like she knew it right then, what she wanted from her life.

She said,

“Miss World is the stepping stone to anything that I want to do. This is the platform where I could influence people’s thoughts, minds, and actions, which is the biggest power of them all. And, to be able to do that, you need to give me the power to help people understand what their rights are and what they can be, and the best that they can be.”

Priyanka Chopra never fails to amaze us. Agree?

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