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This 10 Year-Old Trans Girl Raises Her Voice Against Trump To Fight Back The Stereotypes

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  •  March 2, 2017


Getting hit by Trump’s roll back on rights for Trans kids in public school system, Rebekah, a 10year old trans kid rose to speak on protecting rights of the entire community.

She made her appearance with her mother at a rally which was a result of Trump getting nasty with rights of Trans kids to use the bathroom meant for their gender identity.

Rebekah herself had fought hard to accept her identity. But, she has a supportive family who stood by her side, and now she is all set to help people do the same. Her mother, Jamie Bruesehoff shared with The Huffington Post that she suffered from mild anxiety and crippling depression as a result of being assigned male as the gender identity at birth. She began living with her genuine identity at the age of 8. Bruesehoff says, “With the help of some excellent professionals and a lot of learning, we all came to realize she wasn’t a boy. She was a girl”.

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The trans kid could overcome her state of turmoil with the help of her family, school, and community. Her mother expressed that she was now turning 10 and happy from the depths of her life. However, she expressed her concern for other kids saying that not all are as lucky as Rebekah. She says, “Transgender youth are at incredibly high risk for depression, anxiety, and even suicide… It’s not because there is something wrong with them; it’s because something is wrong our society. The research shows one key thing changes those statistics: support. It is very clear that students who are supported in their homes, their schools, and their communities have a very different experience than those who are not. Every child deserves to safely, and with dignity, access an education. Transgender rights are human rights.”img_2 (1) img_3 (1)

She continues, “My kid is lucky. She has the support she needs… She fits in society’s box as a girl. Not every other child is so lucky. We have to constantly be fighting for those who are most vulnerable, those who don’t fit society’s expectations for a girl or a boy and those whose skin color, religion, or immigration status put them at even greater risk. We must keep striving to lift up the voices of those most vulnerable! Their voices are beautiful and bold and need to be heard!”

More respect to Rebekah and Bruesehoff!

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