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These Easy-To-Cook Recipes From Foodgrammer Natasha Diddee Will Make Your Weekend Yummier

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  •  March 10, 2018

Natasha Diddee, the popular gutless Foodgrammer, is the master of cooking under-30 minute dishes and her recipes are a blessing for all of us running short on time!

In a conversation with us, Natasha told us what helped her recover quickly after she lost her stomach to a tumour. Read excerpts:

What was the process of rediscovering your life after the treatment like?

We’re all very shallow people, desire to live in the materialistic world. But the moment you realise you may not be around to enjoy them – the shallow part goes away. It has definitely made me a better person. I have cut negative people out of my life and I don’t owe an explanation to them anymore.

What has kept you strong throughout?

The support of my parents, my partner, and Dr. Suryabhan Bhalerao. It’s very important to have a supportive background. From coming out of a nine-year-long unsuccessful marriage to my treatment, my parents have been a constant strength. They have accepted and supported my decisions. As mine was a love marriage, for a long time I was apprehensive about coming out of it, fearing “told you” form my parents. But they were the biggest support.

You’re a gutless foodie who has guts for _______?

Guts for life and to live! A lot of people have asked me how have I managed during and after the treatment. What I know and understand is that God is kind and if you want you can. Your mind is your biggest strength. I have stopped wishing and started working on “I will”. I truly believe that ‘Will’ is a stronger four-letter word than ‘Wish’.

She shared with us some quick yummy recipes to make our weekends yummier!

Best quick dish for a working man?

Easy Recipes

Baida Roti

Baida paratha, which is a good low GI food, is perfect for breakfast.

Ingredients : 

Paratha – 1
Eggs – 2
Green chilies – as per tolerance, chopped
Fresh coriander – as per taste, chopped
Cheese – 2 tbsp grated
Salt – as per taste
Onion – 1 small (optional)
Oil – 1tbspn


1. Beat together all the ingredients except the parantha and oil.
2. Heat oil in a pan and pour the egg mixture into the hot pan.
3. Cook it on both sides.
4. Add grated cheese on top of the cooked egg and place the paratha on that and press down.
5. Fold over or eat piping hot.

One under 30-minute recipe to break the monotony of boring food?

Easy Recipes

Koththu Roti

Koththu Rotti. This is traditionally a Sri Lankan dish made from leftover rotis, vegetables, egg and/or meat, and spices. And, here is my version.

I cut the leftover paranthas into ribbons & set aside. I cook in seasoned mustard oil & temper it with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, asafoetida, garlic, green chilies, curry leaves, onions & peas & cook till done.

I then add in Channa masala (I use Bedekar brand), red chili powder & fresh coriander, and once the rawness leaves, I add in the parantha ribbons & toss well. It is SOOO yum with a generous squeeze of lime juice!

Try out these yummy-in-my-tummy dishes and have a happy weekend, everybody!

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