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These Animated Videos Are The Perfect Sex Education Lessons For Your Kids

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  •  January 5, 2017


What were you told when you asked your parents, “Where do children come from?”

Well, I was told that one night, God came and kept me by my mother’s side when she was asleep. Lame, I know!

And, what were you told when you saw blood on your panties for the first time, and you got your first period?

“Beta, now some things might change in your body, and it will happen every month. Don’t worry we have all been through it. Sit at one place and don’t walk around too much,” my mother had explained me and told my dad about it in a hush-hush voice.

We all had been given different (Read: misleading) answers to the most basic things like puberty, sex, childbirth, gender identity, etc., and as a result, we have been alienated from the truth for many years. Also, when something is hidden from a child, it makes him/her more inquisitive to know what’s under the wraps and why. However, most times, children resort to wrong means or indulge into wrong acts to “unwrap” the hidden information.

It’s very necessary for the parents to engage in open conversations with their kids when they are in their puberty age and are experiencing physical and emotional change as it is at this time that they are the most vulnerable.

Sexuality education organization Answer and Youth Tech Health have developed a video series, Amaze, which aims to educate 10-14-year-olds all about puberty, consent, gender expression, sex, etc.  Interestingly, Amaze is not only an educational platform for children, but it’s also encouraging the parents to have open and frank conversations with their children.

Here’re some videos explaining the different issues in the lives of 10-14-year-olds:


These videos explaining puberty in boys and girls is simple, understandable, and on-point.

Gender Identity & Expression

Body size, types of clothes you wear, sexual orientation is very individual and doesn’t define whether you are “normal” or “abnormal.” It is very important for your kids to learn that everyone is different and it’s okay, and it’s normal!


During puberty, there’s a sudden rush of sexual feelings. But, most children fear to share their feelings with their parents or adults as it’s a taboo in the society like ours to talk about sex and sexual desires. This video perfectly explains all about Masturbation and busts many myths attached to it.

For more videos, you may visit the website, here.

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