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The IWB Party Adventure: How We Escaped The Lady Boss’ Fury By Getting Her Drunk

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  •  March 2, 2017


I’m not a party freak and that’s why when I had the opportunity to be a part of the bartending workshop with Ami Shroff at House Of People, Jaipur, I thought it would be okay to get a little drunk.

While we were setting up everything for the workshop days one & two, there are a few details that I didn’t bring to your notice.

Well, the team had their backstage pass, and the madness was also entirely backstage level. We might all seem happy and sane in this picture, but there’s a different thought that is on every mind.63

L to R

Ami’s mother Rekha Shroff: That last sip of vodka hasn’t quite been gulped in, I better refrain from making a fun face.
Ragini: I’ll kill ’em all for not letting me taste Bloody Awesome.
Ami: I’ve just put on a fire show these people will remember for life!

Ana: Quick, pretend to be sane with the peace sign.
Dr. Sudhir: I’m soon going to be certified as a best-drink-shaker.
Me:  Eat, drink & be merry, for tomorrow we die!
Mansi: This might be my last picture since drunk Komal will be driving me back, better make it good.
Anvita: Yay! I just took two shots and need some more.

And, that is just behind the scenes of this picture. Day one was all about sipping new cocktails, learning how to make them, but at the backstage, we were more concerned about the food & beverages, which were, in fact, an Absolut win. Pun intended.

On Day one, Anvita had been cribbing about not getting a chance to learn the ball-charm, and on Day 2, she Absolut-ly refused to give the ball away, because, she wanted to be Ami’s favorite. Hey, Anvita, remember how I told you how I wanted to be her favorite?39

I thought I’d complain to Lady Boss Ana that Social Media Manager, Anvita was busy playing the game, but she seemed to be off-duty herself.


Little did I know that this was a conspiracy by none other than the rest of the Indian Women Blog team. But, still, there was a piece of puzzle that I was missing.

On more than one occasion I saw Lady Boss Ana chilling with her party glasses on, and about 3 cocktail glasses down.

Ah, you seem to be losing it, Ana. Are you sure you have the capacity?” We’d go on instigating her to drink.49

Who came up with this brilliant idea of getting the Lady Boss drunk? Maybe, photographer Pallav?

Photographer Pallav was playing innocent, and sadly we couldn’t click him sipping away on the cocktails. Well, he did it all ‘behind-the-camera.’ When we finally got him on the other side, even then, the camera was his friend.97

In the picture above, I look like I was drunk, but really, Photographer Pallav did some magic trick on the camera.

But, don’t you believe Lady Boss Ana if she says that she was completely sane, her mischievous smile has a lot to say.
Apart from sipping on the cocktails that she had learned to make, maybe she had slyly pushed some glasses off the table… or worse?!

Or was it Anvita? Nah, I doubt it.

Maybe, it was Dr. Sudhir Sharma? After all, he was the one who kept on making drinks for her and topping her glass up. Hmm… What do you think, Lady Boss?

Fortunately, I see everything from that day much clearly, now. Yeah, don’t worry, I also managed to come back home, safely, thanks to my pink martini.


Photo Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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