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Thanks To Yamini Dhote, There Will Be No More Confusion Over Thousands Of Government Schemes And Policies

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  •  April 4, 2018

Every day I read about some or the other new scheme or policy the government has come up with and it is mind-boggling! For instance, do you know the specifications of the Dakshina Scholarship Yojna in Maharashtra or the Khelo India Yojna? Well, you may know, but there are countless out there like me who are unaware of many such schemes.

It was my uncle who told me about the website Govinfo.me and, trust me guys, it’s a gold mine. Any information regarding government schemes, policies or scholarships, this portal is your answer.

It was started by Yamini Dhote, who wanted to understand all the schemes that exist and how they apply.

“It all started with a well-wisher telling us about the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana — a small deposit scheme for meeting the education and marriage expenses of a girl child. Having just had our child we found this to be an interesting scheme,” Abhishek Dhote, Yamini’s husband and co-founder of the portal, said.

Wanting to know more about the scheme, they did an extensive research online, visited the local post office, the authorised centre for these schemes, but to no avail.

“The government – both centre and state have thousands of schemes. Most of the problems that citizens face are addressed by these schemes. The problem, however, is the dissemination of information. No one knows about the existence of most of these schemes, and hence there are very few takers,” he said.

And thus was born the portal on April 2016 in Amravati, Maharashtra.The portal has info ranging from the various government schemes, policies, jobs, scholarships, rules, and news about ministries as well as both the central and state governments.

How does it work?

In two years, the portal has got the info of over 1000 schemes that have been launched by the state and central government and details about each are given as follows:

1. A summary of the scheme

2. Eligible criteria

3. Documents required

4. Step by step application procedure

5. Highlights of the scheme

“We get many queries regarding the purchase of properties, generation of birth certificates, and even information on scholarships,” Abhishek said.

“The infrastructure that this present government has built over the last few years is commendable. Having all these schemes online has reduced corrupt practices to a large extent. It has also eliminated the middlemen. The problem, however, is that people do not know about these schemes,” he added.

“We had a student writing to us saying he had lost all his school certificates and had no idea how to go about re-applying for it. With the help of the information on the portal, he was able to re-apply and get his certificates in time as well.”

The portal also helped a cancer patient to receive monthly financial aid to get treated under a scheme launched by the government of Maharashtra.

H/T: The Better India 

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