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Teaser: DPS tots & their Working Moms sing ‘Business Lullabies’ in Skoda Jaipur Boardroom

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  •  May 16, 2015


Today was the D-day at Jaipur Women Blog, because today we’ve launched our campaign ‘Business Lullabies’. As you know by now, this campaign has a motive to support working mothers.

Women after maternity leave are denied the right to work part-time, or flexible hours that could enable them to give more efficient baby-care. Others are shoehorned into more junior posts, or return to virtually no job description at all, while others are simply dismissed. Pay rises and promotions are also harder to come by for those that do go back.

Along with Sheroes and Delhi Public School, Jaipur, we decided to break this narrow perception with the help of 5 small kids. These tots were supposed to give a live formal presentation at a corporate house talking about how MNCs all over India can support the working mothers. We thank Jaipur Office of Skoda, Saga Automotive, for letting ‘Business Lullabies’ happen in their boardroom.


With attendance of SKODA Saga employees representing various departments, our tiny-tots braced themselves. How?

While some practiced the heavy business-terms diligently,


Others just got teaser photos clicked to check if they were looking good and representative enough.


Of course, the pressure was high on the little ‘Professionals’. To relax, the mother’s lap seemed to be the best option.


Lavanya Sharma with her mother Prerna

…or for that matter, having fun time with her…


Abhyash Gupta with his mother Dr. Mandira

…or showing mimicry skills to her.

Mannan Goyal with his mother Terjani

Mannan Goyal with his mother Terjani

We, whole-heartedly, thank the faculty of DPS who worked day and night alongside the kids to make them understand and learn the way they had to advocate millions of working mothers.

In orange saree Hrisha's mommy Prerna; DPS faculty Reema Bhasin is seen preparing Hrisha for the presentation.

In orange saree Hrisha’s mommy Prerna; DPS faculty Reema Bhasin is seen preparing Hrisha for the presentation.

JWB’s Priyanka Saini too showed tremendous patience with the toddlers.


Wondering what the little ones said that made all the SKODA employees in the boardroom agree with them?

8 10

Well, they must have said wise words because they got joy rides in the stylish SKODA cars afterwards!


Abhyash Gupta


Rehan Badlani with his Mom Vineeta

Hrisha Pareekh

Hrisha Pareekh

To read the full-story straight from this board-room, keep an eye on our page!

Photographer: Shashank K Tyagi

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