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TC Dan Punched Tickets With Her Teeth For Stray Passengers On The Heritage Ride

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  •  April 18, 2017

UPDATE: You can join our heritage ride on April 25, Wednesday.

If you ask me to wake up at 6:00 a.m. I would probably say no. Unless, I’m traveling, singing at a rock concert or hanging out with dogs. This time it was situation number 3.

Instead of six, I woke up at 5.30 today. I brushed my teeth, took a quick shower and reached New Gate. Today was my lucky day.


It was about a few months ago when the campaign, Dog’s Guide was initiated by Help in Suffering, India. The street dogs in Jaipur showed us around the walled city through their eyes.

Dog Adoption

On World Heritage Day, we continued the campaign with Help in Suffering and decided to take Rickshaw rides through the walled city with the Indian Pariah dogs, or how most of us know them, stray dogs… all of it to promote adoption in the city.img_21

Mad About Dogs gave us tiny bags filled with treats for the first-time riders. And so, every time a dog was tempted to hop out, we’d entice them with the treats. While the dogs are actually chewing and drooling at the same time, I think it’s their secret language for, “Thank you, Mad About Dogs.img

Or who knows, they just eat and forget!

I met Laaj, Megha, and Ruchi, who came along with a waggy-tailed Minni. Today, Minni the big black Indian Pariah, was going to take a ride around the city.img_3

Our badass rickshaws were all standing in a line waiting for us.img_2

Let me give you a breakdown of the different stories of five dogs exploring the city:

Rickshaw #1

Little Moana cuddled up with our Boss Ana. Though Moana was out on her first ever ride into the big Pink City, she seemed rather relaxed. Who taught her to be so brave? If you look Moana into her eyes, you’ll know that her eyes speak of her innocence.img_12

Moana: When I go back home, I have to tell Villea what she had missed. Who knew that the world could be so big? Oh my god, there are so many beautifully-colored dogs in the world. I thought most humans lived in this world! But, we dogs are a lot in number, too. I’m impressed.


Rickshaw #2

Moana’s sister Naina was a little too restless. She was curiously watching the birds fly, the cars beep away, she felt the fresh air brushing through her face and not missing her folks at all! She was chilling out with Dr. Sudhir Sharma.img_18

Naina: What should I do to be able to fly like the birds? Should I flap my hands? What is that smell? *sniff sniff* Smells like trash! Yummy!

Rickshaw #3

Minni was a little cranky today, her parent, Laaj, confirmed. She was cooing like a bird, scratching her ear, and almost looked like she’d been awoken in the middle of the night. I know that feeling, Minni.img_7

Minni: I think I didn’t poop properly. I need to pooooop! But, I’ll get scolded if I do it in the rickshaw. Won’t I? The other Rickshaws are racing ahead of us. Mooooommm!!img_25 img_26 img_27

Rickshaw #4

Remember Moti? He showed Dogger-in-Chief Poppy around. Golcha Cinema is his adda. Moti asked if he could join us, and so Ruchi and Megha got him in. Honestly, Laaj took her own time to convince Moti to accompany her. He was the Don around Golcha, remember?img_4img_5

Moti: What is this strange thing called a Rickshaw? People have always shooed me away from them and their vehicles, but these people are taking me to some place. I don’t know if I should be happy or feel weird.img_22 img_24

Meanwhile, I asked Megha what she was up to.

I have six semi-adopted dogs and a rescued cat. Being a lawyer, I fight against animal cruelty in Jaipur. We are also promoting adoption, and until now have managed to find parents for many stray dogs and cats,” Megha said. 

Rickshaw #5

To monitor all the sawaaris, the fifth was the ticket conductor, Dan. Dan’s parent Ragini said, “This is Dan’s first ever Rickshaw ride, and I think she’s enjoying the authority.img_10 img_8

Dan: Well, you know, it’s always good to have authority. I’ll be punching the riders’ tickets with my teeth. It will be fun!

We arrived back with minds full of adventures. Moti was glad to be back to his area where his dongiri could continue. Dan got paid in kind for her first ever job! Moana peed as soon she got down, Naina slept in my lap and Minni had made new friends.img_28

If you’re in Jaipur and think you can give a home to one or more puppies, call us at +91-9828288876. Or, write to us at

Photo Courtesy: Chhaveesh Nokhwal

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